Vendor Info

2015 Vendor List

Hillstone Farms:   Beef, pork, chicken,  & sweet corn

Todd Webster & Jessica Darrow

Always Somethin’ Farm:   Goat milk soaps, asparagus, peas, garlic, beans, heirloom tomatoes, rhubarb, salad ingredients, possibly some berries & a few herbs

Mike & Chris Chester

The Herb Corner:   Flower, herb & vegetable plants, cut flowers, fresh-cut herbs & some produce (eggplant, hot peppers, peas beans, sweet potatoes, late greens, red onions).

Diane & Phil Fiorentino 

Spring Meadows Farm:  Asparagus, watercress, leeks, lettuce, spinach, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, beets, carrots, herbs, turnips, onions, collard greens, kale, chard, tomatoes, cukes, zucchini, peppers, beans, sweet corn, melons, potatoes, parsnips & squash

Andy Lyon

Running Bear FarmProud to be “Certified Naturally Grown”. All natural lamb sausages including chorizo, andouille, mild Italian, sage breakfast, and kielbasa.  All natural chicken, duck, and turkey meat. Chicken eggs.  Frozen pestos, sofrito, (duck, chicken, and turkey stock), frozen tomato sauce and hot and sweet pepper purees, all made with our own products. Seasonal produce and fresh fruit, and fresh & dried herbs.  Professional tanned sheep hides.
Call 570-297-3701 or check us out on Facebook:

Cliff & Margarita Bruszewski

Basically BagelsHomemade New York style bagels, some cookies & baked goods

Donna LeSchander

Yorkshire Meadows:  Yorkshire Meadows, 9646 N Elk Run Rd, Mansfield PA:
Liz McLelland has baked goods with a British flair including shortbread cookies, oatmeal pecan cookies, lemon and lime curd, assorted scones , jams and a variety of other cakes, desserts and pastries. Some of her speciality items include Lemon and Lime Curd Tarts, Bakewell Tarts (made with almonds) and Eccles Cakes (puff pastry filled with sweetened currants) It’s always good to call ahead and order the speciality items before Wednesday the week you need them. There is also homemade sauerkraut sold frozen, refrigerator pickles and pickled beets in season. Liz usually brings a variety of items from her Knitting & Spinning Shop such as hand dyed sock yarn in beautiful colors, dyed wool roving from her own sheep for needle felting projects and an assortment of knitted and felted items. You can also sign up to take a knitting or spinning class at her shop just 6 miles out of town.  Call 570 549 2553 or e mail to order or to schedule a class.  Please like us on Facebook!

Liz McClelland

Gardiner’s Orchards:  Raspberries, blackberries, sweet cherries, peaches, apples, plums, apple, butter, jams, honey, cider, maple syrup & nectarines

Dottie & Don Gardiner

Lee’s Bees: Honey, honey stix, honey jax, & candles from beeswax

Lee & Kathy Wright  570-724-7314

Inn to the Seasons Fudge, pierogies, lasagna, other pasta products, pork, lamb & veal products.

Bernard & Virginia Jurowski

Keeney Farm:  Cucumbers, cantaloupe, watermelon, beets, green and yellow beans, sweet corn, summer and winter squash, pumpkins, fall ornamentals, tomatoes, cabbage. Please like us on Facebook!

Cheryl and Gary Keeney

Roosting Tree Farm: Eggs, jams, and local artwork

Susan and Richard Jenning

Between Two Rivers Maple:  Maple syrup and other maple products
Jeff and Sally Jones

Udder Merry Mac FarmHydroponic lettuces, herbs, and seasonal produce.



One Response to Vendor Info

  1. Rob Schwarz says:

    Our family has enjoyed the local growers and their products. We hope to join the vendors soon with our own produce as well. Hopefully I can find out some particular produce that others aren’t selling so that there is a wide variety available for the local community.
    I also would like to do a short article on each vendor in my blog if possible. Check it out and let me know if you are interested!


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