May 15th Outdoor Market

Tomorrow is looking like it will be a nice warm day and perfect farmers market weather! Stop by and see what our vendors have available. Matt Noldy will be playing music again from 4-6.

The Herb Corner








Phil and Diane will be bringing lots of herbs and vegetables ready to plant, as well as salad greens and a variety of fresh cut herbs. New for Friday’s market will be Dill, Lavender & Nasturtium plants. They have started leeks & will be bringing them with the other veggie plants. Pictured are some Alliums, which will also be available at the Herb Corner booth!

Always Somethin’ Farm

Chris will have a variety of goat milk soaps, creams and lotion bars. Depending on the weather, the baby goats Zesty and Waffles might be making another visit. Mike will have a limited amount of fresh asparagus.

Basically Bagels

Donna will bring her delicious handmade bagels as well as other desserts including cookies, cupcakes and brownies.

Between Two Rivers

Jeff and Sally will be back this week with lots of maple syrup as well as other maple products.

Glenfiddich Farm

Liz will be bringing her shortbread cookies, lemon and lime curd as well as an assortment of handmade jams and jellies. She will also have handcrafted woolen products.

Running Bear Farm

Cliff will be bringing spinach, arugula, broccoli rabe, napa cabbages, pak choi, beet greens, turnip greens, bunching onions, kale, rhubarb, lettuce mix, cilantro, mint, thyme, chives, mustard greens, chicken wings, sauces, sofritos, and pestos, as well as chicken stock, duck stock, and duck fat. They also have mild italian, and andouille lamb sausages, and turkey legs and wings (a limited amount applewood cold smoked).

Inn to the Seasons

Bernie will be bringing lamb, goat cheese products, fudge and maybe if we’re lucky some of his baked goods!

Highland Chocolate & Partners in Progress

Stop by their booth to sample and buy some of their delicious chocolate!

Hillstone Farm

Todd should be at the market this week with a selection of his meat products.

Spring Meadows Farm

Andy might be at the market with his eggs and fresh produce.


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