Outdoors Market Spring Extravaganza!!! 5/01/2015




O.K., I think we’ve all had enough.That’s why we’ve decided to have a SPRING FLING to celebrate the first outside MGM event of the 2015 season. We hope that you will come and celebrate with us this Friday on the church green. We want you to will be part of the festive atmosphere while enjoying  free food samples from some of the vendors, Yorkshire Meadows and Basically Bagels to name a few.

We’ll also have free kettle corn, coffee, door prizes, real live baby goats (not free lol), and live music performed by Matt Noldy. It’s been a long hard winter, come join us and see what locally raised spring greens, starter plants, and fresh baked goods look like.


Remember to stop at the MGM booth, say “hi”, introduce yourself and grab a free cup of coffee, courtesy of the Night and Day Coffee Shop, just up the street.We’ll have lots of info about the market, and market swag. We’ll also have a table full of MGM Tees of various styles, colors, and sizes for sale, come check them out!  If you’d like to be part of the MGM, we are in need of volunteers to help things run smoothly. The pay’s not great, but the fun, fresh air, friendship, and great experiences are priceless!

Donna and Larry are two of the dedicated volunteers who help make the market possible. The banner above lists all our generous sponsors.

Donna and Larry are two of the dedicated volunteers who help make the market possible. The banner above lists all our generous sponsors.

While you’re at the market tent please welcome Hilary Chester as the newest member of our volunteer/management team. Hilary, as many of you know, is part of the Always Somethin’ Farm family and has offered to be the onsite manager for the next few months, thanks Hilary! She’ll also be working behind the scenes making sure that all is well. As I mentioned above, she’ll be bringing her baby goats to MGM this week so if you have a hankering to see some sweet kids, this would be the time! Welcome Hilary!

As always, the vendors will be there to greet you and welcome you back to the Market, a place that many of us have enjoyed being a part of for the last six years. Let’s make the seventh year a roaring success by supporting their efforts and encouraging them to continue being part of our community.

Supporting the vendors is just one way of declaring our independence from the ever-invasive massive retailers that peck away at our choices of what and where we can make purchases that matter to us in our daily lives. Another way is to notice our list of 2015 sponsors displayed on our posters and T-shirts and by supporting them whenever you can. The sponsors’ financial support continues to be one of the main reasons we are able to operate. Keep it local; this is part of the power of community building. Sad to say money talks, so, let’s keep it talking here, in our community.

This year as a way to show our thanks to the sponsors as individuals we would like give a shout out to one or two of them each week so that you might get a better sense of who they are, what they do, and where you might find them should you ever need their goods or services. Let’s work together to keep our community strong!

Highlighted Sponsor(s) of the week:

Night and Day Coffee: At the corner of Main and Wellsboro Streets, Mansfield. Great coffees, teas, and other beverages as well as baked goods, sandwiches, salads, and so much more for you nutritional needs. Free Wi-Fi and all the good energy you’ll ever be able to handle is also available. A major hub of our community, a great gathering  place to  spend time with and/or for making friends.

Oswald Cycle Works:    7  N. Main St, Mansfield. If you’re in the market for a quality bicycle from a range of prices, need expert repairs, parts, even a custom made bike; or just want to know anything at all about biking and lots more, Tom and Jim are the go to guys. You might want to do yourself a favor and get your bike into them for a spring tune up before you hit the road.

Now, on with the Spring Fest vendor lineup:

Yorkshire Meadows: Liz will have assorted scones, shortbread cookies (which can be ordered Gift Wrapped for Mothers Day), oatmeal pecan cookies, lemon curd, assorted jams, fresh fruit crunch desserts and more.

Basically Bagels: Donna will have her signature bagels, brownies, assorted cookies, and more.

Hillstone Farm: Todd will be bringing a wide assortment of meat products including but not necessarily limited to, ground beef, minute steaks, stew meats, sweet italian sausage, beef snack bars, london broil, beef patties, pork chops and roasts, BACON, ham slices, breakfast links, and HOTDOGS!  Make sure you buy extra for the freezer, the season is upon us. FIRE UP THOSE GRILLS!

Inn to the season: Bernie will make his first appearance of the season with meat products consisting of pork, lamb, and veal. He’ll be featuring cheese products including manicotti, pierogies, broccoli cheese crepes, blintzes, lasagna, fudge, cheese spreads, and cheese cake. He will also have his great breads and, if we’re lucky, muffins.

Highland Chocolates/Partners in Progress: Help welcome a new vendor this season. A combined booth with great chocolates from the noted local Highland Chocolates Shop and wonderful handcrafted items from the Partners in Progress workshop.

Always Somethin’ Farm: The Chester Family will have their goat milk soaps, hand cream and new lotion bars.

The Herb Corner: Diane and Phil will be bringing Broccoli, Kale, Lettuce, Spinach & Swiss Chard plants for the vegetable garden, and they will have a selection of hardy herb plants. All of these starter plants have been hardened off and are ready for your garden.

Running Bear:  Cliff and Margarita will bring lots of fresh spring GREENS! Arugula, broccoli-rabe, cilantro, chives, green onions, spinach, pac-choi, and parsley. They will also have  chicken wings, turkey cutlets, turkey legs (some of them are smoked), cuts of lamb and assorted lamb sausages. Check out their array of prepared cooking stocks, sauces, pesto and more. Lots of variety from these folks.

One last item of note:

painting by Rick Packer

painting by Rick Packer

The MGM vendors, friends, and many local businesses have shown their generosity and commitment to the local community by donating gift certificates and other items to the Mansfield Free Public Library for their annual basket raffle. Through their combined efforts the Library has assembled over two dozen different raffle baskets. What better way is there for you to support the Library and have a chance to win a basket of goodies from the these generous folks?

As shoppers at the market, we thought you might be interested in the Mansfield Grower’s Market baskets in particular . Chances are $1.00 each and you may purchase tickets for any of the  baskets and see a list of their contents at the MGM market booth, the Mansfield Library, or from any Library Board member. The drawing for the winners will be at the end of the May. Let’s keep the word “Free” in Mansfield Free Public Library!!!


Going to Market


All of this and maybe more can be had from 3 to 6 P.M. each Friday at the MGM, located on the St. James Episcopal Church green on E. Wellsboro St. (RT. 6), one block east of the light in Mansfield, PA.

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