Come on Down! 8/22/2014

We’ll be having a couple of special events this week at MGM.  Come join us while you shop for all your summer goodies! Even though it’s been a bit cooler then usual, we’ll still have some great summer veggie treats available at the MGM this week. Maybe not by the bushel just yet, but I expect we’ll have a good amount for your table; come on down and check it out.

Get your best yodeling voice ready! We’ll be having a Harp and Voice Sing Along at the MGM this week. Our very own Cheryl Hein Walters, a very gifted and talented harpist will be leading this special event. She’ll be making it all happen between 4:30 and 6:00 p.m., at the MUSIC TENT. Come and enjoy; be part of something special.


We’ll be having another special event at the ART TENT this week. Have your ever been interested in the art of FELTING? If you have and haven’t pursued it for any reason, now’s the time to take action!  Kathleen England, a local sheep farmer, wool producer, and artisan will be making felt balls (dryer balls) with any kids who want to try. She’ll be using wool from her farm, will talk about the different things wool is used for, and how felt was the first man made fabric. The young ones, and perhaps some of the older ones as well, will be encouraged to join in the fun by doing hands on work during the felting3demonstration. As stated above, these felt balls can be used in the dryer instead of a tennis ball to keep your clothes fluffy.  They also make great playthings for young ones, can be used for decorative displays, and much more. This event will also be happening between 4:30 and 6:00 p.m.felting2felting1

The Market Cafe and the hot cart will both be absent this week.

If you’re in the area, stop at the MGM booth, say hello, and check out our stash of goodies.  We’ll be hawking the new 2014 t-shirts in different colors and styles. We’ll also have older MGM T-shirts, aprons, and MGM $5.00 GIFT CERTIFICATES that can be used at any vendor booth (great gift idea). All proceeds from sales and donations go to making the MGM work. You’ll also be able to enjoy great freshly brewed cup of coffee, on the house, courtesy of our friends at the Night and Day Coffee Shop, just up the street. They keep the wheels rolling for some of us folks at the MGM.  Thanks!

If you or someone you know has something of interest that you/they would like to share with the community, such as art, books, music, hobbies, nature studies, etc., please contact us at to be considered for hosting a booth at the market. We also welcome non-profits of all sorts for consideration. In most cases we will supply you or your organization with a tent , chairs, tables, and electrical power if needed, all at no cost.  All you’ll need to do is bring your info to share with the community; sounds like a win/win to me.

Here’s a list of scheduled vendors and their products for the week:

Hillstone assures me that they will finally be back this week after a few weeks of not being able to make the market with their quality beef, other meats, and great hot-dogs, just in time for the grilling season. Stock up on these dogs; you won’t find this type of anything like them in any store. They will also have SWEET CORN; come and get it!

sweet corn

Basically Bagels will also be returning this week with great bagels and more, including bags of bagel chips and great BIG chocolate chip cookies.

Keeney Farm will have new potatoes, cukes, peppers, some string beans, and summer squash.They will not have sweet corn this week but their next planting should be ready for next week. Their tomatoes aren’t quite ready yet but will be very soon. With over 500 plants they’ll have plenty for canning when they do get ripe. You may want to get on their waiting list for tomatoes and other veggies for canning, pickling, and/or freezing.

Yorkshire Meadows will have Lemon Curd , Strawberry/Rhubarb, Triple Berry, Concord Grape, and Strawberry/Kiwi Jam. Try one of the large Shortbread Cookies dipped in chocolate. Cakes, Crunch Desserts and assorted Scones will also be available. Lightweight crocheted necklaces in all colors can be had there and would make a great gift.They easily fit inside a Birthday card, making it easy to mail them. Why not sign up to take a Spinning or Knitting Class at Liz’s shop this summer?

Yarn from Yorkshire Meadows, a 2011 vendor.

Yarn from Yorkshire Meadows, a 2014 vendor.

This week The Herb Corner will be bringing Mums to market; there will be many colors available. They will also have Cut Flowers, Herbs, Zucchini, Eggplant, Lettuce, Swiss Chard, and Tomatoes.

A man of impeccable taste.

Eli, a young man of impeccable taste.

Udder Merry Mac will be here this week with his great selection of lettuces, basil, English cukes, and other great hydro produce.

Andy, from Spring Meadows Farm will have lots of pastured eggs and produce.

Running Bear will bring lamb and chicken products, and a large assortment of summer produce.

Always Somethin’ Farm will be there with their wonderful goat’s milk products, garlic and GARLIC BRAIDS. These braids make wonderful gifts and sell out rather quickly so make sure you stop by and check them out, ASAP!


Shannon and Erin will be at the Glenfiddich booth with lots of baked goods—breads, cookies, biscotti, etc. They may also have fresh salsa (red and green). If you like a good cup cake or cinnamon bun, stop by their booth, say hello and purchase yourself a wonderful treat.


Hope to see you at the MGM located at the Saint James Episcopal Church located in Mansfield, Pa. on Wellsboro Street, one block east of the downtown light. Look for our signs.

David Brown,

Market Manager

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