Bees Rock My World!!! ( and yours too!!! ) 7/11/2014


For all they do, bees of all types, with honey bees leading the pack, win the Gold! The Ancients realized long ago that they could domesticate these little critters for their own benefit and the rest is an interesting history in apiary management. Since then bees have worked hard for humankind, sharing their bounties, pollinating our crops and flowers, and not asking for much in return except to take the winters off, rest up, and retrench. No health benefits, no retirement or vacation packages, no golden parachutes, hell, not even a minimum wage. Pretty sweet deal for us, don’t you think?

One thing’s for certain; we haven’t been very kind to our winged buddies in recent years. Like so many other of our relationships in nature, this one has gone awry, and I’m sad to say that it doesn’t seem to be getting any better, yet.  There’s lots of nasty stuff being used by too many people in too many places and it’s taking its toll. These little guys have enough to do without us trying to kill them. We’re headed for BIG trouble if we don’t do something to turn it around. We all need to make sure that we’re each doing all we can do to stop their demise. Buy local food that hasn’t been sprayed with poison, don’t use poison sprays ourselves, and do a little research to see if what we’re doing in our daily lives might be harmful or helpful to bees. If it’s harmful, think about stopping; if it’s helpful, do a lot more of it and ask all your friends and neighbors to do the same. If we want real food and not something from a test tube, grown in a lab, or worse, we’ll need to have bees around to do their magic through pollination.

The farmers might have put away the DDT, but methinks they may have picked up something just as nasty and evil, or worse. I’m with Joni; give me the spots on the apples, but please, please, leave me the birds and bees.

One way you can start to help is to come down to the MGM this week and see what our growers have on hand that has been produced in a bee friendly environment. We love bees. And honey, and healthy food, and flowers, and, the list goes on and on. Remember, it all starts with bees, let’s try our darnedest to keep them safe.

Carolyn was a big hit a few weeks ago with lots of little ones, all having a blast at the Art Tent. I think Carolyn enjoyed it as well; I sure had a lot fun watching. Carolyn will be back again this week from 4-5 P.M. with more interesting art projects. Bring your young ones and see what’s in store! It’s features such as this that help make the MGM a diversified event for the entire community. Music, food, conversation, and fun, we have it all!

If you or someone you know has something of interest that you/they would like to share with the community, such as art, books, music, hobbies, nature studies, etc., please contact us at to be considered for hosting a booth at the market. We also welcome non-profits of all sorts for consideration. In most cases we will supply you or your organization with a tent , chairs, tables, and electrical power, if needed, all at no cost.  All you’ll need to do is bring your info to share with the community; sounds like a win/win to me.

The Market Cafe will be open this week with their regular menu of culinary delights, thirst quenching beverages, and weekly specials. As always, they try to purchase and utilize as much product from the MGM growers in their food preparation as possible. Farm to table, it’s all about staying local. This week they’ve cooked up a couple of interesting sounding vegetarian delights: a Broccoli Pesto Pasta served with leaf lettuce salad and garlic bread, and a Thai Summer Squash Vichyssoise, served chilled.

The music tent will be featuring Matt Noldy for his return engagement of the season. Hope ya bring better weather this time, Matt!  He’ll be playing some of your favorites.  As always, welcome back, Matt.

If you’re in the area, stop at the MGM booth say hello, and check out our stash of goodies.  We’ll be hawking the new 2014 t-shirts in different colors and styles. We’ll also have older MGM T-shirts, aprons, and MGM $5.00 GIFT CERTIFICATES that can be used at any vendor booth (great gift idea). All proceeds from sales and donations go to making the MGM work. You’ll also be able to enjoy great freshly brewed cup of coffee, on the house, courtesy of our friends at the Night and Day Coffee Shop, just up the street. They keep the wheels rolling for some of us folks at the MGM; thanks guys.

Here’s a list of scheduled vendors and their products for the week:

Lee’s Bees: Since I’m creating a lot of buzz about bees this week, it’s only fitting and leesbeesproper that I give the lead to Lee and Kathy Wright, the bee-folks themselves. Let’s all welcome Lee’s Bee’s back for their first MGM appearance of the season. They’ll be featuring honey and honey products. This is the real thing folks, local honey, produced by local bees, not a cheap import from God knows where containing God knows what. If you think all honey’s the same or that all honey is even honey, Google it; it’s frightening. Welcome back, Lee and Kathy.

Hillstone will be on hand with their quality meats and great hot-dogs, just in time for the grilling season. Stock up on these dogs; you won’t find this type or anything like them in any store.

Udder Merry Mac will be here this week with his wonderful selection of lettuces, basil, and other great hydro produce.

Basically Bagels will be selling great bagels and more, including bags of bagel chips and great BIG chocolate chip cookies.

Yorkshire Meadows will have Lemon Curd , Strawberry/Rhubarb, Triple Berry, Concord Grape, and Strawberry/Kiwi Jam. Try one of the large Shortbread Cookies dipped in chocolate. Cakes, Crunch Desserts and assorted Scones will also be available. Lightweight crocheted necklaces in all colors can be had there and would make a great gift.They easily fit inside a Birthday card, making it easy to mail them. Why not sign up to take a Spinning or Knitting Class at Liz’s shop this summer. Herb Corner with veggie plant starters

The Herb Corner will have, Zucchini & Eggplant, in limited amounts; they’re just starting to pick. They will also have fresh onions, scallions, and limited amounts of lettuce, spinach, and Swiss chard. They’ll have plenty of cut flowers, a nice assortment of hanging baskets for your front porch, and a good assortment of fresh cut herbs. If you’re going to need basil to make pesto, fresh and/or for the freezer, contact them and get on their calendar. You might want to make lots of pesto and freeze some for a quick and easy meal. It tastes great any time, especially in the dead of winter. Here’s a link for a simple but great tasting pesto recipe.

 Between Two Rivers will be there with products all derived from the great acer saccharum, better know as the common sugar maple tree. Great syrup, sugar, cream, and other items.

Andy, from Spring Meadows Farm will have lots of pastured eggs and produce.

Running Bear will bring lots of spring greens of different varieties, lamb and chicken products, PLUS, a limited amount of early Summer Produce.beets

Always Somethin’ Farm will be there with their wonderful goat’s milk products, garlic scapes, and fresh early summer radishes.

Shannon and Erin will be at the Glenfiddich booth with lots of baked goods: breads, cookies, biscotti, etc. They may also have fresh salsa (red and green). If you like a good cup cake or cinnamon bun, stop by their booth, say hello and purchase yourself a wonderful treat.

So, be like a bee, get busy and buzz on down to the MGM this Friday and find a little sweetness.

Hope to see you at the MGM located at the Saint James Episcopal Church located in Mansfield, Pa. on Wellsboro Street, one block east of the downtown light. Look for our signs.

David Brown,

MGM Manager    


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