Arts ‘R Us!!! 6/27/2014

Looks like we’re in for some fine weather at the MGM this Friday! This week we’ll have our first art booth of the season for young ones hosted by Carolyn Smith, starting at 4:00 pm. The theme this week will be centered around the 4th of July holiday and we invite all children from 2 years and up to participate. This will be a time for young ones to express themselves, be totally creative, and have lots of fun in the process. Be prepared for the possibility of them getting a bit messy, but, not to worry, we’ll have plenty of water and towels to clean ‘em up.

One teaspoon of New Horizons ice cream will cure your summertime blues. Or maybe I need two teaspoons . . .

. . .

Some of you might remember Carolyn from the Mansfield University Childcare Center.  She’s full of energy and totally psyched about taking this on. She intends to do a number of these during the season, and we’ll make you aware of the dates as soon as we get them worked out. We feel fortunate to have her in our lineup of great volunteers that make the MGM work so well. Welcome aboard, Carolyn!

A little ditty to welcome all the young’ns to the market.You older folks might like it as well; hey, we’re all young at heart, aren’t we? 

We’ll have great music at our music tent and excellent food prepared by the crew from Yorkholo Brew Pub at the hot-cart. The Market Cafe will be taking a well earned rest this week. There will also be plenty of fresh produce, herbs, flowers, hanging baskets, baked goods, eggs, jams, jellies, meats, woolen goods, art work, and other items.

1.bmpThe music tent will be hosting Folk Spirit this week, a group of gifted local musicians that play a great mix of homegrown originals and well done covers of old favorites. They’ve played the MGM music tent many times in the past and are always a hit. Come on down, welcome them back, and enjoy some great music from 4-6 pm; you’ll be glad you did.

As mentioned above, Yorkholo will be at the hot-cart doing the cooking this week so you won’t have to. They’ll be having pulled pork sandwiches and a delicious vegetarian option. As of press time they’re not quite sure what that option may be but they never disappoint. Chase it all down with their homemade root beer or lemonade.

So with all that’s happening this week at the MGM, why would you not want to come down, bask in the great weather, grab a bite to eat, enjoy the music, say hello to old friends, make new acquaintances, and let you and your young ones be entertained? PLUS, you’ll have the opportunity to go home with great locally grown and produced goodies; what’s not to like? Come share the festive atmosphere, fresh air, sunshine, and camaraderie with us. The vendors are waiting to greet you!

While you’re there, stop at the MGM booth say hello, and check out our stash of goodies.  We’ll be hawking the new 2014 t-shirts in different colors and styles. We’ll also have older MGM t-shirts, aprons, and MGM $5.00 GIFT CERTIFICATES that can be used at any vendor booth (great gift idea). All proceeds from sales and donations go to making the MGM work. You’ll also be able to enjoy great freshly brewed cup of coffee, on the house, courtesy of our friends at the Night and Day Coffee Shop, just up the street. They keep the wheels rolling for some of us folks at the MGM; thanks guys.

The MGM will be closed next Friday, on the 4th of July, so plan accordingly while you’re making your purchases this week. Speak with the vendors and try to make other arrangements if you need fresh produce or baked goods next week. Some of them may be in the area the day before the holiday and  might be able to supply you with what you need. Don’t be afraid to ask!

If you or someone you know has something of interest that you/they would like to share with the community, such as art, books, music, hobbies, nature studies, etc., please contact us at to be considered for hosting a booth at the market. We also welcome non-profits of all sorts for consideration. In most cases we will supply you or your organization with a tent, chairs, tables, and electrical power, if needed, all at no cost.  All you’ll need to do is bring your info to share with the community; sounds like a win/win to me.

Here’s a list of scheduled vendors and their products for the week:

Hillstone will be at the market this week with quality beef, pork, and their fab hotdogs, just in time for that July 4th cookout.

Inn to the Seasons will have meat products consisting of pork, lamb, goat, and veal. They’ll be featuring their cheese products: Manicotti, Pierogis, Broccoli Cheese Crepes, Blintzes, Lasagna, and Cheese Cake. They’ll also have a few cheese spreads and fudge.

Running bear will have broccoli, fennel, cheddar cauliflower, chioggia golden beets, salad mixes, and baby greens for this week’s market. In addition, they will also have their usual varieties of kale, beet and mustard greens, and quality chicken and lamb products.

This week The Herb Corner will be pulling the first of the Cipollini onions to sell. These DSCF5012onions are sweet and pungent. They will also have beautiful cut flowers, including the first of their big lilies, food for your soul. Their hanging begonia baskets are starting to fill in and blossom, so they’ll be bringing an assortment of colors. They still have a few herb plants & eucalyptus for sale. Look for them to bring a good assortment of fresh cut herbs and greens.

Always Somethin’ Farm will be there with their wonderful goat’s milk products and GARLIC SCAPES. If you’re a garlic lover and not familiar with SCAPES you’ll want to check them out. I love to make pesto with them. They’re great in stir-fries, sautéed with eggs, and many other ways; just look on line.

Here’s a simple and delicious recipe for making pesto. Pesto has been a winner at our house for many years. It’s easy and inexpensive to make, freezes well for long periods of time, takes up very little room, and can be used in so many ways. It’s traditionally made with basil, olive oil, salt, cheese, garlic, and nuts, but the Garlic Scape version is gaining popularity. Try it and you’ll know why. Nothing better than a quick dish of pasta with a dollop of pesto, topped with chopped fresh or sun-dried tomatoes, sliced black olives, and roasted sunflower/pumpkin seeds when you’re baffled and too tired to think about dinner. Try it with frozen green peas and a salad, and you’re set!

Garlic Scape and Almond Pesto

10 garlic scapes, chopped

1/3 – 1/2 cup finely grated Parmesan (to taste and texture)

1/3 cup toasted almonds, chopped

About 1/2 cup olive oil

Optional basil 

Sea salt to taste

Put 1/2 of the oil and all of the other ingredients in food processor until you have a paste; add more oil until you get the texture you want. It may be too garlicky for some; add more cheese, if you like. I personally like to add basil to mine until it’s just the way I like it. That’s the beauty of cooking; recipes should only be a basic road map to start you on your way to your final destination. There are many ways to get to where you want to go. Experiment and have fun!

Basically Bagels booth will be selling bagels and much more, including bags of bagel chips and great BIG chocolate chip cookies.

Yorkshire Meadows will have Lemon Curd , Strawberry/Rhubarb, Triple Berry, Concord Grape, and Strawberry/Kiwi Jam. Try one of the large Shortbread Cookies dipped in chocolate. Cakes, Crunch Desserts, and assorted Scones will also be available. Lightweight crocheted necklaces in all colors can be had there and would make a great gift.They easily fit inside a Birthday card, making it easy to mail them. Why not sign up to take a Spinning or Knitting Class at Liz’s shop this Summer. 

Udder Merry Mac is scheduled to return this week with a variety of hydroponically grown lettuces, basil, and possibly, cukes.

Shannon and Erin will be at the Glenfiddich booth with lots of baked goods—breads, cookies, biscotti, etc. They also have fresh salsa (red and green).  If you would like a good cup cake or cinnamon bun, stop by their booth, say hello, and purchase yourself a wonderful treat. Try their homemade granola; they have a few different ones, all great tasting and healthy for you!

Andy, from Spring Meadows Farm will have lots of pastured EGGS, chard, and kale. Check out his blog at  for some very interesting and educational info on good animal husbandry and land stewardship.

Think about scheduling a chunk of time out of your busy life, come on down to the market and relax a spell. It’s Friday, take a break, SUMMER’S HERE!


Hope to see you at the MGM located at the Saint James Episcopal Church located in Mansfield, Pa. on Wellsboro Street, one block east of the downtown light. Look for our signs.

David Brown,

MGM Manager



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