Its Summertime!!!! 6/20/2014



Well, not quite, but almost! We’re going to fudge it a bit by celebrating SUMMER one day early at the MGM this Friday! For all of my teaching friends, you’ve made it one more time! Being married to a retired teacher, I totally get what this time of the year means to you. So kick back, chillax, and mosey on down to the MGM, which might be, for some of you, the first time this season. We’ll have great music at our music tent and excellent food prepared by the folks at the Market Cafe, located inside the Parrish Hall.  Eat it here or take out. There will also be plenty of fresh produce, herbs, flowers, and veggie flats for planting, baked goods, eggs, jams, jellies, meats, and other items. We invite you all to the MGM. Come share the festive atmosphere, fresh air, sunshine, and camaraderie with us. The vendors are waiting to greet you.

Yep, it’s summertime and whether the living is easy or not, this song sure is. Like everything else at the MGM, it’s the real thing. 

The Market Cafe will be open this week with their regular menu of culinary delights, thirst quenching beverages, and their weekly specials. As always, they try to purchase and utilize as much product from the MGM growers in their food preparation as possible. Farm to table, it’s all about staying local.This week their special soups are Broccoli Cheese and a chilled Rhubarb soup. The meatless special will be Lasagna and spinach rollups. Both will be using homegrown vegetables. They”ll also have plenty of Sylvia’s famous chicken salad, pulled pork sandwiches, and ultimate grilled cheese on Shannon’s sourdough bread. Celebrate the start of summer by treating yourself to some great vittles from the Cafe. It’s much too hot to cook.

The music tent will be hosting Lazy Mazy, a somewhat  eclectic group of gifted musicians leaning to the folksy side.They’ve played the MGM music tent in the past, and I’m always excited to welcome them back. We look forward to having them play from 4-6pm for your listening pleasure. Please join us.

Screen Shot 2012-09-20 at 9.45.22 PM

The MGM booth will be open but you won’t find Donna and Larry there this week. They’re taking a few weeks of R&R, but the rest of us, Joel, Ashley, Sharon, Cassie, and myself will be present to chew the fat and welcome you to the market. Stop by our booth and check out our stash of goodies. We’ll be hawking the new 2014 and older MGM t-shirts, aprons, MGM $5.00 GIFT CERTIFICATES that can be used at any vendor booth (great gift idea), and lots of other items. All proceeds from sales and donations go to making it all work. Stop by for a visit, get on our email list, and enjoy a free cup of decent grinds, courtesy of our friends at the Night and Day Coffee Shop; just up the street. They keep the wheels rolling for some of us folks at the MGM; thanks guys. 

You’ll want to keep your eye open for the next newsletter when we”ll have more details about the first opening of the art booth this season for young ones. Carolyn Smith is excited to get started and intends to run a number of art programs throughout the season. The dates aren’t set yet, but we plan on the first one next Friday, June, 27th. Stay tuned and a BIG thank you to Carolyn and her assistants, Ian, Laura, and Liz.!

If you or someone you know has something of interest that you/they would like to share with the community, such as art, books, music, hobbies, nature studies, etc., please contact us at , if you’d like to be considered for hosting a booth at the market. We also welcome non-profits of all sorts for consideration. In most cases we will supply you or your organization with a tent , chairs, tables, and electrical power, if needed.  All you’ll need to do is bring the info to share with the community; sounds like a win/win to me.


Here’s a list of scheduled vendors and their products for the week:

Always Somethin’ Farm will be there with their wonderful goat’s milk products and GARLIC SCAPES. If you’re a garlic lover and not familiar with scapes you’ll want to check them out. I love to make pesto with them. They’re great in stir-fries, sautéed with eggs, and many other ways; just look on line.

Roosting Tree is scheduled to come to market this week with great soy free EGGS, local artwork, and homemade jams and jellies. Susan’s hot pepper jelly was a big hit last week. She sold out. I hope she brings more this week.

This week, The Herb Corner will be bringing: cut flowers, a variety of fresh cut herbs, spring onions,  their lettuce mix, and garlic scapes. They will also have a small selection of herb plants and a nice assortment of hanging baskets.

Basically Bagels booth will be selling bagels and much more, including bags of bagel chips and great BIG chocolate chip cookies.

Inn to the Seasons will have meat products consisting of pork, lamb, goat, and veal. They’ll be featuring their cheese products: Manicotti, Pierogis, Broccoli Cheese Crepes, Blintzes, Lasagna, and Cheese Cake, all made from goat’s milk. They’ll also have a few cheese spreads and one of the best fudges you’ll ever taste.

Bernie shows off his challa.

Yorkshire Meadows will have Lemon Curd , Strawberry/Rhubarb, Triple Berry, Concord Grape, and Strawberry/Kiwi Jam. Try one of the large Shortbread Cookies dipped in chocolate. Cakes, Crunch Desserts, and assorted Scones will also be available. Lightweight crocheted necklaces in all colors can be had there and would make a great gift.They easily fit inside a Birthday card, making it easy to mail them. Why not sign up to take a Spinning or Knitting Class at Liz’s shop this Summer.

Shannon and Erin will be at the Glenfiddich booth with lots of baked goods—breads, cookies, biscotti, etc. They also have fresh salsa (red and green).  If you would like a good cup cake or cinnamon bun, stop by their booth, say hello, and purchase yourself a wonderful treat.

Between Two Rivers will be there with products all derived from the great acer saccharum, better know as the common sugar maple tree. Great syrup, sugar, cream, mapled pecans, walnuts, and other items.

Andy, from Spring Meadows Farm will have lots of pastured EGGS and spring greens.

Running bear will have broccoli, fennel, cheddar cauliflower, chioggia golden beets, salad mixes, and baby greens for this week’s market. In addition, they will also have their usual varieties of kale, beet and mustard greens, and quality chicken and lamb products.

So, put on you summer togs and meander on down to the MGM this Friday to help us celebrate the first days of SUMMER!

Hope to see you at the MGM located at the Saint James Episcopal Church located in Mansfield, Pa. on Wellsboro Street, one block east of the downtown light. Look for our signs.

David Brown,

MGM Manager


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