Heigh-Ho! Heigh-Ho! 5/28/2014


It’s off to work we go! It’s that time of the year when most of us are busy trying to get the yards, gardens, or whatever in shape before summer kicks in. If you’re anything like me, you might think it all has to be done yesterday or even sooner. Funny how most of us seem to have that same old looped message rolling around somewhere upstairs, “work, work, work”. The bane of a civilized (?), industrialized society. Somewhere along the path we’ve lost the art of relaxation and moderation when there’s work to be done. Regression, that’s what we need!!! Even if it’s just for a short while. The weather terrorists are threatening us with sunshine this Friday so we’re looking forward to our first beautiful sunny market day of this season. We’re hoping that you’ll all regress just a wee bit and come chill with us. Why not moderate your work schedule just a tad and come join us this Friday afternoon at the MGM for a breath of fresh air and an eyeful of color in a festive atmosphere while shopping for good, wholesome food and other products grown and produced by local folks. The vendors are waiting to greet you.

The folks from Yorkholo will be on hand for the season’s first appearance of the MGM hot-cart and they’ll be serving up some fine grub. There’ll be chili dogs made with Hillstone hotdogs and topped with Yokoholo’s own house-made chili prepared with Milky Way Farm beef, doesn’t get more local than this. They’ll also be serving a spinach wrap made with FRESH MOZZARELLA and tomato. The folks from the Market Cafe will taking the week off and will return next week.

Sadly, we’ll have no live music this week but here’s a little something for your listening pleasure.


As always, the MGM booth will be open with the usual gang of folks and lots of info, shirts, aprons, MGM gift certs, and more. Stop by for a visit and enjoy a free cup of wonderful coffee, high test only. Courtesy of Night and Day Coffee Shop, our very own local shop, just up the street.

Here’s a list of the scheduled vendors for the week:

Bernie, from Inn to The Seasons will be on hand with his wonderfully delicious goodies, aged cheeses, lamb, pork, and veal products, baked goods and other specialty items.

Bernie shows off his challa.

Bernie shows off his challa.

Between Two Rivers will have fine maple products including maple cream, sugar, and syrup.

Liz, of Yorkshire Meadows fame, will be with Linda at their usual spot this week. You’ll want to check out Liz’s delicious homemade jams and curds, and while you’re there also check out their artwork and woolen products, all locally grown and produced, of course. You’ll want to try one of the large shortbread cookies half dipped in chocolate, but, be careful; they are addictive.  The regular fare of scones and cookies will be available as well.    

Basically Bagels booth will be selling great bagels, big a** chocolate chip cookies, and more.

Udder Merry Mac will be on hand with his great selection of lettuces, basil, and other great hydro produce. Beautiful, and tasty as well.

This week The Herb Corner will have fresh picked lettuce, spinach and Swiss chard, along with a nice variety of fresh cut herbs. They’ll also have scallions. Sounding like a spring salad to me. Grab a loaf of fresh bread from one of the other vendors and you’re all set! Diane and Phil will also bring the a nice selection of what they have left in the way of starter veggies, herbs, and flowers. Time to get that stuff in the ground. The weather is going to shift any day now, lots of sun and things will be jumping; get on board before the train leaves the station!

Andy will be there from Spring Meadows Farm with lots of pastured eggs and wild DSCF5347watercress. It’s a great spring tonic!  Andy will also have a limited amount of asparagus, get there early!  Ask him about his meat chickens that will be available at his farm shortly. 

Cliff will bring a variety of Running Bear spring greens from his high tunnel, as well as chickens and chicken parts from his first batch of the season. He’ll also have lamb products and the first kohlrabi of the season this week.

Always Somethin’ Farm will be there with their wonderful goat’s milk products.Screen Shot 2012-09-13 at 1.15.32 AM

Shannon and Erin will have breads, cookies, biscotti, fresh salsa (red and green), and more. If you like a good cup cake or cinnamon bun, stop by their booth, say hello and purchase yourself a wonderful treat.

Take a load off. Come to MGM this Friday, share the SUNSHINE and more!

Hope to see you at the MGM located at the Saint James Episcopal Church located in Mansfield, Pa. on Wellsboro Street, one block east of the downtown light. Look for our signs.

David Brown,

MGM Manager    


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