Market Opens Outdoors This Friday

Bully for Us All !!!

Tired of being bullied and battered by the weather? Still trying to shake off the winter doldrums? Looks like the weather might still be trying to bully us but we needn’t take it lying down! Fight back! Peacefully, of course, by coming down to the first outdoor MGM event of the 2014 season!!! See what locally raised spring greens, starter plants, and fresh baked goods look like. It’s been a long, hard winter and now it’s time to celebrate spring. Please come join us.

matt noldyWe’ll be there, rain, shine, or, God forbid, snow. We hope you will be part of the festive atmosphere while enjoying the fine music performed by Matt Noldy, aka, the Acoustic Pawnshop. Matt will start playing in the music tent at 4:00 p.m.

THE FRIDAY MARKET CAFÉ will open their 2014 season in the Parish Hall with a menu         featuring last years’ best sellers: ultimate grilled cheese on freshly made sourdough, pulled pork sandwiches, and Sylvia’s famous chicken salad; soup and vegetarian entree change weekly. Menu features local meat, cheese, and vegetables from market vendors. This week’s meatless special is Indian spiced potatoes and spinach with rice. The soup is Thai butternut squash soup. Call 570-662-2003 to place to-go orders.

As always, the vendors will be there to greet you and welcome you back to the Market, a place that many of us have enjoyed being a part of for the last five years. Let’s make the sixth year a roaring success by supporting their efforts and encourage them to continue being part of our community.

Supporting the vendors is just one way of declaring our independence from the ever-invasive massive retailers that peck away at our choices of what and where we can make purchases that matter to us in our daily lives. Another way is to notice our list of sponsors for 2014, and support them when you can. The sponsors’ financial support continues to be one of the main reasons we are able to operate. Keep it local; this is part of the power of community building. Sad to say money talks, so, let’s keep it talking here, in our community.

So, on with the line up:

DSCF4546Yorkshire Meadows will have assorted scones, shortbread cookies (which can be ordered Gift Wrapped for Mothers Day), oatmeal pecan cookies, lemon curd, assorted jams and fresh fruit crunch desserts. Liz will also bring dyed wool locks and roving for Needle Felting projects, handspun yarn and a host of shawls, decorative scarves and fun cotton knits for the summer (think warm thoughts).

Always Somethin’ Farm will have their goat milk soaps, hand cream and new lotion bars.  They will also be bringing garlic scallions.

The Herb Corner will have fresh picked lettuce, onions and a selection of fresh cut herbs. They will also be bringing Broccoli, Kale, Lettuce, Spinach & Swiss Chard plants for the vegetable garden, and they will have a selection of hardy herb plants. This year they dug some of their favorite perennial plants and will bring them to market this week; Bee Balm, Yarrow & Echinacea all hardened off and ready to go into the garden.

Spring Meadows Farm will be bringing plenty of soy free eggs and wild leeks to market.

Running Bear will bring lots of fresh GREENS. Napa cabbages as big as your cat, arugula, broccoli-rabe, cilantro, chives, green onions, spinach, pac-choi, and parsley. They will also have cuts of lamb and assorted lamb sausages.

100_0544Between Two Rivers will be bringing maple products to market! If you’ve been waiting for some maple syrup from this years sap run, come on down to the market, your wait is over!

Basically Bagels will bring a wonderful assortment of baked goods to market. Donna would love to introduce you to her signature bagels if you’re not familiar with them, and if you are, you know what I’m talking about.

Shannon and Erin with be at the Glenfiddich Bakery booth with more baked goodies, fresh salsa, and lots of fresh bread.

Ray from Udder Mac is scheduled to make an appearance with his wonderful hydroponic lettuces.

Please, remember to stop at the MGM booth, say “hi” and introduce yourself. We’ll have lots of info about the market, and market swag. We’ll also have a table full of new 2014 MGM Tees of various styles, colors, and sizes for sale, come check them out! And remember, if you’d like to be part of the MGM, we are in need of volunteers to help things run smoothly. The pay’s not great, but the fun, fresh air, friendship, and great experience are priceless!

–Dave Brown, Market Manager

One last item of note:

painting by Rick Packer

painting by Rick Packer

The MGM vendors, friends, and many local businesses have shown their generosity and commitment to the local community by donating gift certificates and other items to the Mansfield Free Public Library for their annual basket raffle. Through their combined efforts the Library has assembled 27 different raffle baskets. What better way for you, the consumer, to support the Library and have a chance to win a basket of goodies from the these generous folks?

Let’s keep the word “Free” in Mansfield Free Public Library!!!

As shoppers at the market, we thought you might be interested in the three Mansfield Grower’s Market baskets in particular . Chances are $1.00 each and you may purchase tickets for any of the 27 baskets and see a list of their contents at the MGM market booth, the Mansfield Library, or from any Library Board member. Here is a list of the MGM baskets contents:

Running Bear Farm: $5.00 gift cert.
Herb Corner: $5.00 gift cert.
Keeney Farm $10.00 gift cert.
Spring Meadows Farm: $10.00 gift cert.
Always Somethin’ Farm: $5.00 gift cert.
Gardiners Orchard: $5.00 gift cert.
Laura Boyden, Any Vendor: $5.00 gift cert.
Growers Market T-shirt (can be exchanged for right size and color)
Magnet and Assorted Pamphlets

Inn to the Seasons: $7.00 gift cert.
Basically Bagels: $5.00 gift cert.
Glenfiddich Baked Goods: $5.00 gift cert.
Always Somethin’ Farm: $5.00 gift cert.
Keeney Farm: $ 10.00 gift cert.
Yorkshire Meadows: $5.00 gift cert
The Herb Corner: $5.00 gift cert.
Running Bear Farms: $5.00 gift cert.
Landscaping Book provided by the Library
Magnet and assorted other pamphlets

Laura Boyden, Any Vendor: $5.00 girt cert.
Gardiner’s Orchard: $5.00 gift cert.
Glenfiddich Baked Goods: $5.00 gift cert.
Always’s Somethin’ Farm: $5.00 gift cert.
Spring Meadows Farm: $10.00 gift cert.
Keeney Farm: $10.00 gift cert.
Yorkshire Meadows: $5.00 gift cert.
All New Square Foot Gardening Book donated by Pixi Moritz
Magnet & Assorted Brochures

All of this and maybe more can be had from 3 to 6 P.M. each Friday at the MGM, located on the St. James Episcopal Church green on E. Wellsboro St. (RT. 6), one block east of the light in Mansfield, PA.

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