Oct. 25–Market of One

100_0547This Friday due to the Thai Delight International Dinner at St. James church (tickets are still available–call 570-662-6610) and the cold weather forecast outside, Andy Lyons of Spring Meadows Farm will be the only one setting up so folks can still get their CSA orders as well as buy what he has harvested.  He’ll be just inside the doors on the Route 6 side of the Parish Hall (the front double glass doors).

Andy will be there  Friday 3pm till all the orders are picked up.

He has the following available. If you know you want something, especially in bulk quantities, please contact him at springmeadowsfarm@gmail.com to pre-order so he will have it for you Friday.

Available Friday:
Beets: $3/bunch
Carrots: $3/bunch
Leeks: $1/plant or 5 for $3
Sweet Dumpling Squash: $1.50/each or 4/$4
Spaghetti  Squash: $5/each or 3 or more for $3.75
Chard: $2.50/bag or bunch
Kale: $2.50/bunch
Garlic: $1/bulb or 5 bulbs/$4 or 10 bulbs/$7
Celery $2.50/plant
Spring Mix $3.50/bag
Spinach $4/bag
Watercress $4/bag
Large Sweet Onions: $1 each or 6 for $4.50
Pasture Raised Soy Free Eggs: $3.75 per dozen
Celeriac (also called celery root): $2.50/each
These also have a celery like top which can be used then the root keeps for some time and also has it’s own celery-like flavor, though a little different.  Great in soups.

Bulk Storage Roots and Squash–
Carrots: 10 lbs / $8
Sweet Dumpling Squash: 10 / $9
Spaghetti Squash: 7 / $17.50
Beets: $21.50 / 5 gal or $12 / 2.5 gal
Bulk onions: 6 lbs $4.75

Bulk Greens for freezing–
Kale: 5 bunches/$7
Spinach for freezing: $4/lb for 3 or more pounds
Chard for freezing: 5 bunches for $7
Watercress: $4/lb for 3 or more pounds
Beet Greens: $2/ lb for 3 or more pounds

See you next Friday!

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