Aug. 30: Corn, Melons, & Summer Bounty

Here’s the skinny,100_0696
Short and sweet,
Go to the market,
Get a bite to eat.

I know some of you might be hopin,’
But, I hate to break your heart,
The Market Café won’t be open.
But rejoice–we’ll have the hot cart!

And if that ain’t enuf,
Take a look down below,
Cause we got lots of other great stuff,
From the folks you all know.

The Grand Highlights of the Week

The Market Café will be closed this week; Papa V’s will be at the hot cart instead with a couple of different choices in some good grub. Follow your noses and enjoy!

The vendors will back this week taking care of business as usual and hoping you will join them as they bring more and more summer produce to the market. Stop by, say hello and check out what’s available for fresh eating and what’s available in bulk for food preservation.

Beautiful produce and flowers from Mann Hill Farm.

Beautiful produce and flowers from Mann Hill Farm.

One last reminder: I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream but sadly, we won’t have any for the rest of the season at the market. We hope to see New Horizon Creamery back next season, stay tuned.

Here’s a list of the produce vendors will have this week: beans, new potatoes, peppers, summer squash, cukes, onions, herbs, tomatoes, celery, and more. The list below highlights some of the items or features that certain vendors will have that might be a bit unique.

I need to make a pitch here for locally grown melons. If you’ve never had a locally grown and field ripened melon you’re missing one of the joys of life. It’s not your big box store melon; any more than a locally grown and field ripened tomato is a big box tomato. There’s no comparison. Nuf said, except, get there early, they WILL go fast!

If you were looking for honey last week and still want some of the best, Lee’s Bees will be back this week with all of their natural sweetness.

Liz, at Yorkshire Meadows will have her usual assortment of unusually fine goods including her wonderful citrus curds, jellies, jams, scones, shortbread, and woolen products. Great gift ideas here!

The Herbs Corner will be back this week with cut flowers, herbs and their great arugula mix. Get it quick, it doesn’t last long! Diane will also bring lots of potted mums to market AND she’ll even have planting guides available for those folks who want to plant mums in the ground this fall.

Spring Meadows: Andy will have LEEKS, beets, SNOW PEAS, garlic, kale; WATERMELONS, large sweet onions, pasture soy free eggs, and lots of beautiful spring greens are still available. Also, available in bulk: onions, tomatoes, spinach, chard, peppers and garlic. Check with Andy if you’re interested in starting your own garlic patch this fall. He’ll have garlic suitable for planting for sale.

Hillstone will be here with their quality beef and pork products and corn.

Cliff from Running Bear will have APPLES, golden delicious and Macs, tomatillos, beets and lots of other types of produce for sale. SADLY, for some heartbroken folks, he will not have OKRA this week (poor Jimmy Guignard) but, he will have some cuts of lamb, including legs and roast. No sausage or ground lamb are available at this time but, hopefully soon. Chicken and turkey parts will also be available.

Keeney Farm will have CANTALOUPES again this week but you’d better hurry, they go fast! They’ll also have cabbages, APPLES, corn, and nice WATERMELONS!

Shannon at Glenfiddich will have her fine baked goods, salsa, and other products available.

100_0678Always Somethin’ will have 7 varieties of hard neck garlic as well as garlic braids on hand for purchase. They’ll also have some of the best pole beans I’ve ever eaten, and I’ve eaten a lot of them because I love ‘em! Their wonderful goats milk soaps and creams will also be available.

In addition to all the above, we will also have the following vendors with their fine products, kind words, and smiling faces:

Mann Hill Farm with some great produce, delicious baked goods from Basically Bagels, including handcrafted bagels, of course! Great jewelry and handcrafted items, and gift ideas from Gypsy Jingles, hydroponics lettuce, basil, and other types of produce from Merry Mac, and Bernie from Inn to The Seasons with his assorted meats, goats milk fudge, morning glory muffins and other baked delights.

See ya at the market where you can get fresh food—grown by yours friends!


Friday, 3-6:00 P.M.
St. James Episcopal Church,
Rt. 6  One block east of Main Street
Mansfield, PA.

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