Aug. 23 Market News–Apples, ‘Lopes, and More

Wasn’t that a party?!church-mgm1.jpg

We most definitely had a strong turnout for the 5th Anniversary Celebration last week—aprox. 300–which shows just how much the community supports the MGM and, vice versa. This is something we can all feel proud of, the consumers, vendors, volunteers, friends, and sponsors all coming together to celebrate. I would be amiss here if I didn’t mention the show put on by Mike Detweiler. I wish I’d had the foresight to tape it but the memories will do. Thanks Mike, well done, and thanks to Cheryl Hein Walters and all the behind-the-scenes folks for making it happen!

(Lilace took lots of great photos but is having trouble uploading them. So stay tuned for those!)

While we’re talking party and celebration here, I’d like to give quick pitch for a subject near and dear to my heart; the Mansfield Free Library will be having their 10th Annual Outdoor Garden Party fund raiser this Sunday (8/25) between 2-5 P.M. at the Wren’s Nest, in Mansfield. There’ll be live music to entertain you as you enjoy great appetizers, buffet, and dessert, all prepared by Chef Fry and his crew. Join the celebration and help support the Library. Much like the growers market; it’s one of the strong fibers that helps knit a vibrant community. Please note the word “free” in the Library’s name above. These types of events help keep it that way. Tickets are available at the Wrens Nest or the Library. Info at 570-662-3850

Market Highlights: cats

Special guests Second Chance Animal Sanctuaries will be there with their Catnap Corner…complete with 3-4 healthy young loveable cats looking for a forever home. Come to meet these adorable felines who each have their own rescue story. Maybe one will steal your heart!

If one does, you will need to fill out an application. This application will ask for several references, and an adoption “donation” will be expected. All of these cats have been spayed/neutered and all are up to date on shots, etc. They usually like to do a home check, but depending on the particular case, it may not be necessary.  On that day if they are able to contact references on the spot (particularly veterinary references) the cat may be able to go home with you. (Second Chance has invested as much as $150-$500 on each of these kitties, so hopefully you will understand why they are a bit particular on adoptions “on site.”)

Drowsy Maggie is back this week serenading shoppers with their acoustic folk, including the hammer dulcimer. Grab something to eat from the Friday Market Café and sit down and enjoy the tunes.

The vendors will back this week taking care of business as usual and hoping you will join them as they bring more and more summer produce to the market. Stop by, say hello and check out what’s available for fresh eating and what’s available in bulk for food preservation.

New Horizons Creamery informed us last week that they will not have anyone available to tend their booth for the remainder of the season; college is calling, so they will be pulling out of the market for the rest of the season. We’re sad to see them go and want to thank them for providing us with great cheeses and ice cream for so many weeks.

So, we might be looking for new a diary provider for the remainder of the season, anyone interested?

The Herb Corner will be taking a well deserved rest this week and shall return next week with bright eyes and bushy tales. If you need mums they may have them then.

Most of the produce vendors will have the following this week: beans, new potatoes, peppers, summer squash, cukes, onions, herbs, tomatoes, and celery. The list below highlights some of the items or features that certain vendors will have that might be a bit unique.dscf4751.jpg

Cardinal Inn is scheduled to join us this week. Darlene recently won a variety of ribbons for her baked goods and her produce at the County fair. She’ll be bringing some of those prize winning baked goods and a few produce items to the market, freshly baked and freshly picked, of course! She informs me that she’s also willing to share her recipes! Doesn’t get any better than this!

Cliff from Running Bear will have APPLES, golden delicious and Macs, tomatillos, OKRA, beets and lots of other types of produce for sale. He will also have cuts of lamb, including legs and roast but no sausage or ground lamb at this time. Chicken and turkey parts will also be available.

Keeney Farm will have CANTALOUPES again this week but you’d better hurry, they go fast! They’ll also have cabbages, APPLES, corn, and maybe watermelons.

Spring Meadows: Andy will have LEEKS, beets, SNOW PEAS, garlic, kale, large sweet onions, pasture soy free eggs, and lots of beautiful spring greens are still available. Also, available in bulk: tomatoes, spinach, chard, peppers and garlic. Check with Andy if you’re interested in starting your own garlic patch this fall. He’ll have garlic suitable for planting for sale.

Liz, at Yorkshire Meadows will have her usual assortment of unusually fine goods including her wonderful citrus curds, jellies, jams, scones, shortbread, and woolen products. Great gift ideas here!

Hillstone Farm will be here with their quality beef and pork products and corn (it was so sweet last week!).

Shannon at Glenfiddich Baked Goods will have her fine baked goods, salsa, and other products available.

Always Somethin’ will have 7 varieties of hard neck garlic as well as garlic braids on hand for purchase. They’ll also have green beans, potato fingerlings, and their wonderful goats milk soaps and creams, including a few they have been out of recently, cinnamon/ clove, a hint of lime, candy store, and a new item, bag o’ mini soaps. Their goat milk products make wonderful gifts. It’s never too early to start thinking Christmas.

In addition to all the above, we will also have the following vendors with their fine products, a kind word, and smiling faces:

Mann Hill Farm with some great produce, delicious baked goods from Basically Bagels, including handcrafted bagels, of course! Great jewelry and handcrafted items, and gift ideas from Gypsy Jingles, hydroponic lettuce, basil, and other types of produce from Udder Merry Mac, and Bernie from Inn to The Seasons with his assorted meats, ricotta cheese frozen foods, goats milk fudge, morning glory muffins and other baked delights. And, there’s always room for surprises!

See ya at the market!

Friday, 3-6:00 PM
St. James Episcopal Church,
Rt. 6,  one block east of Main Street
Mansfield, PA

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