Aug. 16 News: Fifth Anniversary Party

Put on your party hat because we’ll be celebrating our 5 year milestone this week at market! Come on down and join the festivities! We’ll have games with activities, cake, beef sliders, and beverages (including some of Yorkholo’s finest brews and birch beer), to wash it all down with. Don’t be late; when it’s gone, it’s gone! All of the vendors and some of our sponsors have donated food and/or door prizes for this occasion. Tickets for the prizes will be available at the market booth, free of charge, starting at 3 pm and the drawings for the prizes will begin at 6 pm. Remember, you must be present to win! Don’t forget to check out our MGM wares and info while you’re at the booth. We still have some 5th Anniversary tees and Pixi tie-dyed tank tops available for sale so five years from now, at the tenth year celebration, you can proudly wear the shirt that you purchase and say “ I was there.”

Paul Wendel, shown here at one of the very first markets, will be at the party, along with his wife, Joyce, and Jackie Schlitzer. All three are market founders.

Paul Wendel, shown here at one of the very first markets, will be at the party, along with his wife, Joyce, and Jackie Schlitzer. All three are market founders.

We’ll have a few special guests on hand, namely Jackie Schlitzer, Paul, and Joyce Wendel. I’d also like to acknowledge some of our current vendors who have remained involved in the market from the start: Diane and Phil at The Herb Corner, the Chester family at Always Somethin’ Farm, Todd at Hillstone Farms, Shannon at Glenfiddich, and Ada at Double AA. These folks, along with the rest of the current vendors, volunteers, musicians, sponsors, and all those who are no longer with us, have been and continue to be instrumental in making it all happen. Please, come join us in celebration and say hello to some of your old friends.

The Party happens between 5:30-6:30 but we hope you come early to join the fun and to take advantage of the great produce and products the vendors will have to offer this week. It’s cranking into peak season for lots of summer produce, corn, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, new potatoes, and more. Or, as I jokingly like to think of it, the nightshade train is roaring down the track! One of my favorite times of the year!

Remember, if you need large volumes of meat or produce to put up for the winter, now’s the time to order from the vendors; it’ll be over before you know it and you’ll be eating stuff this winter you wish you didn’t have to! Don’t be a grasshopper, be an ant instead and make yourself a winter stash. So, once again, just in case you missed it or if you loved it and want to hear and see it one more time, a bit of inspiration from one of my favorite singer/songwriters, Greg Brown:

After giving this a listen, “what with the snow, the economy and everything,” maybe I’ll just go and spend the winter with Greg in his Grandma’s root/fruit cellar.

Now, on to the “List” for the week:

Ciro LoPinto will kick off the party with his bagpipes!

Ciro LoPinto will kick off the party with his bagpipes!

The greatly talented Vernal Pool, which consists of original market produce vendor, Ann LoPinto with Ciro LoPinto and Bruce Smith, will be entertaining us this week 5:30 to 6:30 PM with some fine Celtic music.  Ciro will start off the party with a resounding display of the bagpipes. Something you’ll not want to miss.

We’d like to welcome Lees Bees back after a forced hiatus; bears are great creatures in the wild but not so much in a bee yard. His hives have recovered enough so that he will have all of his honey products, including comb and chunk honey for sale once again. Welcome back Lee, we’re glad you’re here!

Most of the produce vendors will have the following this week: beans, new potatoes, peppers, summer squash, cukes, onions, herbs, and celery. The list below highlights some of the items or features that certain vendors will have that might be a bit unique.

Ada, from Double AA Farm and one of the original vendors will be here to help us celebrate. She’ll have tomatoes, cabbage, traditional Amish baked goods, and lots of BLACKBERRIES!

Keeny Farm will be back this week with CANTALOUPES! They’ll also have BLUEBERRIES, cabbages, and if the weather cooperates, apples, corn, and watermelons. Keep you fingers crossed and do a sun dance; it’s about 62 degrees at 2:00 pm. as I write this. They’ll also be providing all the trimmings for the beef sliders. Yum, and thanks!

Cliff from Running Bear will have tomatoes, tomatillos, OKRA (if Jimmy Guignard leaves you any), beets and lots of other types of produce for sale. He will also have cuts of lamb, including legs and roast but no sausage or ground lamb at this time. Chicken and turkey parts will also be available. And, as a special treat for all of us, Margarita will be joining him for the celebration! Make sure you stop and give her a warm welcome!

Herb Corner: EGGPLANT, Snacking Peppers, fresh cut herbs and flowers, lettuce mix with beet greens and arugula, and other produce. They’ll also be bringing cut sunflowers for sale and will be putting all of their potted herbs on sale in celebration of the day’s event.

100_0547Spring Meadows: Andy, whom I refer to as “Whole Foods Jr.” because of his beautifully displayed produce, will have LEEKS, beets, peppers (by the piece, quart or special order 5 gal. pail for freezing or drying), and tomatoes by the piece or by the bucketful. Garlic, large sweet onions, pasture soy free eggs, and lots of beautiful spring greens are still available. Check with Andy if you’re interested in starting your own garlic patch this fall. He’ll have garlic suitable for planting for sale. If and when you chomp on a free beef slider, think of Andy. It’s his generous donation you’re wolfing down.

If you don’t want to take the time to make your own jellies, jams, or citrus curd, see Liz, at Yorkshire Meadows where she will have her usual assortment of unusually fine goods, jellies, jams, scones, shortbread and woolen products. Plus, not only will she be taking orders for larger jars (think quarts) of her wonderful lemon curd, she will also have orange and lime curd, as well. Great gift ideas here!

Hillstone will be here with quality beef and pork products as well as Glenfiddich with fine baked breads, cookies, salsa, and other products. Shannon will be baking a cake for the party, say thanks to her when you stop at her stand.

Always Somethin’ will have 7 varieties of garlic on hand for purchase. They’ll also have BLACKBERRIES and their wonderful goats milk soaps, including a few they have been out of recently, cinnamon/ clove, a hint of lime and candy store. They’ll also have their goat milk lotions on hand. Make sure you check out Hilary demonstrating her spinning skills on the drop spindle; she’ll teach you how!  Handmade drop spindles are available for purchase as well. And, don’t forget to order your garlic braids now for the fall season. They’ll make great housewarming gifts.

In addition to all the above, we will also have the following vendors with their fine products, a kind word, and smiling faces:

Mann Hill Farm with some great produce, delicious baked goods from Basically Bagels, including handcrafted bagels, of course! Great jewelry and handcrafted items, and gift ideas from Gypsy Jingles, hydroponics lettuce, basil, and other types of produce from Udder Merry Mac, and Bernie from Inn to the Seasons with his assorted meats, goats milk fudge, morning glory muffins and other baked delights. And, there’s always room for surprises!

The Market Café will open be open this week, so if you want something before the party or something to take home (quarts of chicken salad, etc.) or something on the vegetarian side, stop in and see them. As always, they’ll do ya right. Stop in for a snack, beverage, or a full meal.

So come on down and help us start the celebrations! In closing, I would like to propose a chant for the event.

Five More Years, Five More Years, Five More Years!

See ya at the market!


Friday, 3-6:00 P.M. St. James Episcopal Church, Rt. 6  One block east of Main Street

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