July 19: Blueberries and Cukes



Whew! When it’s this hot I don’t want to cook and hardly ever want to eat anything hot. If you’re like me, then the Mansfield Growers Market has just what you need. Raw veggies and fruits give you more vitamins and nutrients, and because these are fresh picked they pack way more of a healthy wallop than anything you can get at the store. Try smoothies that incorporate greens to sneak veggies in the kids. They’re cool and sweet. And having a big pasta or grain salad in the fridge makes it easy to eat healthy even in this heat.

Here’s a smoothie recipe to get you thinking out of the (processed food) box, except instead of frozen blueberries you use fresh ones! Just add a few ice cubes. Also, kale can be substituted for spinach, and don’t worry if you don’t have chia seeds (though they are a major boost of energy and nutrition).

Blueberry Spinach Smoothie Recipe

In your blender combine the following ingredients: 1 banana, 1 cup frozen blueberries, 1/2 cup milk, 1 tbls chia seeds, 1 handful spinach.

Blend for 45 seconds or until pulverized.

This week Always Somethin’ Farm and Glenfiddich Baked Goods are out of town. Look for them next week! Other than that, all your favorites should be here. Below are some highlights.

This week we welcome back Keeney Farm, who’ll have cucumbers, green and yellow beans, garden onions, yellow squash, green and yellow zucchini, new potatoes, and blueberries.

Andy at Spring Meadows Farm will have chard, spring mix, and spinach by the bag, as well as lovage, tarragon, and oregano by the bunch. Also small green onions, large sweet green onions, zucchini, peas, and green beans. And don’t forget to stock up on pastured soy-free eggs!

The Herb Corner expects to have eggplants, onions, potatoes, greens, zucchini & squash, as well as fresh flower bouquets, fresh cut herbs, (pesto pasta anyone?), along with a nice assortment of herb plants.

Cliff at Running Bear will have green onions; kale; chard; beets; carrots; yellow, crookneck, and green summer squash; cucumbers; radishes; kohlrabi; eggplant; flat leaf parsley; celery; hot and sweet peppers; and fingerling potatoes. On the carnivorous end of things, he’ll have all lamb cuts, including roasts and legs, and his not-to-be-missed Andouille and chorizo sausageLamb sausage, chops, or kabobs are fantastic grilled!  So are turkey and chicken, which he has (packed as legs, wings, etc.).

fleece n flowersLiz at Yorkshire Meadows will have some new flavors of jam, Black Raspberry, Red Currant, Black Currant , Blueberry and Rhubarb/Orange all made from local fruit in season. Also Kiwi/Strawberry, Raspberry/Mango, Lemon/Orange Marmalade and Triple Berry. Of course you’ll find Lemon, Lime and Orange Curd to spread on Raspberry or Blueberry Scones. Word is a lot of people like to dip their Shortbread Cookies in the Lemon or Lime Curd. Stop by and see the dyed yarns made with wool from Liz’s sheep inspired by the colors in nature.

See Donna at Basically Bagels to stock up. A Dirty Hippie bagel, cucumber, and hummus sandwich is a great quick meal. She’ll also have fudgy mocha brownies.

And there’s even more to be found, including crafts, beef and pork, ice cream, cheese, and prepared foods at Inn to the Seasons and the Friday Market Café. So come on down for fresh food—grown by your friends!

See you there,


3-6 pm Fridays, St. James Episcopal Church, Rt. 6 one block east of Main Street.

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