Don’t Tread on My Garden! MGM Newsletter for July 5, 2013

Greeting to all,

Hope you’ve been enjoying your summer in between the thunderstorms thus far.

Last week was a bit iffy at the market. I half expected Dorothy and Toto to blow in and pay us a surprise visit at one point, but the storms passed, the wind and the rain tapered off, and we all survived. Let’s hope the weather is a bit kinder this week.

After the wind and the rain subsided a bit, Ben and Gailanne from the group Gubals Kin, showed up to play some great acoustic, old-time country/bluegrass music. There weren’t a lot of folks left to enjoy it, but the ones that were there had nothing but good things to say. Great stuff. Let’s hope we can get them and the rest of the group back for a future engagement.

While I’m on the subject of weather, we will always try our hardest to be at market, even in inclement weather. If we know and think ahead of time that it’s going to be unsafe for you or the vendors, we will cancel and post that cancellation on the home and Facebook pages. If we have a situation arise where it gets too iffy during market, as it did briefly last week, the market site manager will ask each vendor if they want to stay or go. They will each make that decision for themselves. Unpleasant weather is something we can and will abide; hazardous weather is a different issue. If you’re unsure and want to check on the status of the market on any Friday trying calling the market phone (607-605-0005) and we’ll try to help you.

As Lilace suggested on our webpage a few days ago, let’s think about moving onwards in declaring our independence from the corporate/industrialized giants that have no other relationship with you or the products they’re trying to market to you except their bottom line. One way start to do this might be by making a commitment to yourself and your loved ones to buy/eat locally grown and produced products or food wherever and whenever possible, if you’re not doing so already. Take it a step further by stopping at each vendor booth and introducing yourself. Ask questions about where they’re from, how they grow or produce their wares, but just as importantly, ask them why they do it. I think you’ll find it’s not just about the bottom line.

A lot of these folks have put a seed in the ground months ago, nurtured it daily and turned it into something wonderful, or some may have raised that animal, baked those items from scratch, or personally created and crafted something beautiful that they’re offering for up for sale to you, the consumer. That’s exactly the way it should work. These are your neighbors; they have a vested interest in the quality their wares and your satisfaction, much like the small shops of yesteryear where the owners knew you and had a personal interest in making sure your needs were meet in a fair and friendly manner. This is something to be appreciated and cherished. It can’t happen unless all parties participate.

 If you would like to read more on the subject, here is an article from Organic Gardening by Robert Rodale. “It’s time for a declaration of independance.” (Cut and paste this link into your browser. 🙂

Now, on to the scheduled line up for this week:

Music: Brandon Lusk, sorry to say I know nothing about this person’s music. If  you’re in the same boat as I am, maybe we’ll both learn something if you come out and listen while shopping and meeting your neighbors.

Let’s all extend a big welcome to Dottie from Gandiners Orchards as they make their first appearance of the season. I just spoke with her and she tells me that she’ll be bringing sweet cherries and some of their delicious homemade jellies/jams and apple butter. She also informed me that their peach and apple tree are loaded, looking like a great year for both. Something wonderful to look forward to; I missed them both last year. I’m sure you did as well.

Gypsy Jingles joined us several weeks ago as a new vendor. They will be back this week and every week for the remainder of the summer. Their booth is a visual feast, full of colors, patterns, and textures, lots of jewelry, scarves, and other items, all unique and handcrafted. Stop by to visit Jenna and Tammie, welcome them to the market, and check out their stuff.

Kim, from Gaia Gardens will be here for only the second time this summer. So, if you’ve been waiting for her to reappear; this is your week since she’s only going to be here a limited amount of times this season. She’ll have an eclectic assortment of items for sell such as, garden themed barrettes and brooches, hypertufas potted with succulents, bird feeders and hanging glass terrariums. Wait, there’s more, new for this season, recycled cork fork plant makers for all you pots and or veggie gardens. And, climbing nasturtiums, fun to grow, beautiful to look at and you can spice up a salad with the flowers. They’re tasty, tart, and peppery. Just don’t eat the green leaves or the seeds.

I’ve just received word from Todd at Hillstone that he will most definitely be back this week with a bang. He missed the last two weeks because of a product shortage but he tells me he’s fully stocked with beef and pork cuts as well as Cajun, sweet Italian, and breakfast sausages, all made with pork.

As always, Cliff at Running Bear Farms will have a variety of lamb products, as well as turkey breast cutlets, wings, and legs. On the veggie side: boc choi, cilantro, sage, green onions, Napa cabbage, kale, cauliflower, kohlrabi, Swiss chard, beets, carrots, radishes, and  summer squash, yellow and green. Heat up that wok!! Running Bear is also in the process of taking orders for meat birds to be delivered in the fall and turkeys for the holidays. If you’re interested in quality meat birds I suggest getting on their list ASAP. It fills up quickly.

Andy, at Spring Meadows will be bringing kale, chard, spring mix, spinach, green onions, garlic scapes, lovage and other herbs. Andy will also have his soy free pastured eggs. If you need a large amount of spinach for freezing or whatever, Andy’s your man. He’s offering it in bulk at his farm. Ask him about it and, as a reminder, if you’re not on his mailing list and not receiving his newsletter you’re missing out on a wealth of info about all of the wonderful things he does at his farm and also some great info on food. Sign yourself up, it’s free.

 Liz will be at the Yorkshire Meadows booth with her usual goodies, English style jams and jellies, scones, and other tasty morsels. Her lemon curd on some of her ginger cookies is a treat onto itself. She’ll also have her beautiful designer scarves, some local artwork and other items. I hope Linda will return again this week after her encounter with the bee last week. If you need a cure for bee stings, Liz and Linda can educate you.

Diane and Phil at The Herb Corner will be bringing a small batch of freshly dug new potatoes, perfect size for grilling, first of the season always taste best. These aren’t just your every day garden variety potatoes. They’re red, white, and blue ones in celebration of July 4th.  They’ll also have fresh cut flowers. They’re coming on strong now so I expect them to have some spectacular arrangements. Got a sweetie in you r life? Surprise  them with flowers. They will also be bringing herbs plants, hanging baskets,  fresh cut dill to go with those fresh cukes. 

You’ll find all the maple products you want at Between Two Rivers. Stop by and say hello to Jeff and Sally. They’re friendly folk, love to talk. I know that Jeff has a ton on knowledge about living locally since he’s born and bred here. You might just find out something about where you live that you didn’t know before. Try that at your local big box store ….. ain’t happening.

We hope to see Donna back at Basically Bagels this week where you’ll find many varieties of bagels, dangerously delicious brownies, other tasty treats and wonderful baked goods for you dining delight.

For dairy, go visit the folks at New Horizons Creamery. I’m not sure who’ll be running the booth this week but I do know they’ll have some great cheeses, curds and delicious ice cream. It’s the real stuff, folks, try it out. My list of tried favorites continues to grow each week, last week, butter pecan, this week, it’s anybodies guess but I know it’ll be good.

The Chester family, Hillary, Mike, and Chris will be at Always Somethin’ Farms booth. If you’re in the market for some quality goat milk soaps, or lotions you’ll want to pay them a visit. As of this writing I haven’t received any info from them as to what else they might be bringing but Mike always has something up his sleeve. Last week he had snow peas, let’s hope there’s some again. I’ll be as surprised as you to find out what else they’ll have but I do know they Always have Somethin’.

Visit Ray at Utter Merry Mac and pick up some of his produce, all grown by hydroponics. Great lettuces, English style cukes, and green onions. His lettuces are a visual delight. Here’s your chance to ask and learn something about the hydroponics process of growing food. It’s quite interesting. And, remember, his stuff moves fast, so get it quick.

 Look for Shannon at the Glenfiddich Bakery booth, way back in the rear of the market. It’s worth the effort. You’ll find freshly baked, never frozen, goods consisting of herb breads, cookies of various types, and sweet rolls, to name a few. Also, if you haven’t tried her fresh salsa, you might want to, it’s tasty.

Stop by our Mansfield Growers Market information booth, introduce yourself and check out our goods and information. Pixie and her crew did a bang-up job tie-dying the sleeveless MGM tees; they look great and are available for purchase. The proceeds from the sale of our tees go toward offsetting the costs associated with running the market. Get some info and say hello to some of the volunteers. You might even want to become a volunteer yourself. It’s easy, fun, and mostly painless, but it does take a little time and commitment. It’s another great way to meet some of your neighbors and make new friends while doing something good for you community.

So after all that shopping and having fun you might want to stop by the Market Café for a snack or a full dinner, inside, or weather permitting, at one of  the café tables located outside. They’ll be back this week after a week off and they’re rearing to satisfy your appetites and taste buds. Finally as always, “It’s Friday who wants to cook?”


Hope to see you at the Market,


Friday, 3-6:00.

On the grounds of St. James Episcopal Church,

Rte 6, Wellsboro St., Mansfield, Pa.

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  1. David Brown says:

    That would be Dottie Gardiner from GARDINER”S Orchards, folks. Dottie, my apologies for the typo.

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