June 28 Newsletter: Cukes n’ Zukes


We hope to see you this Friday at the MGM. This will be our very first market of the official summer season and we’re starting to see a little summer-related produce. Tomatoes may be a few weeks away, but I expect a few cukes and zukes! Come on down and see for yourselves.

We have very special visitors this week. One of our market sponsors, the Community Blood Bank, will be on site to educate visitors and shoppers about what it means to be a blood donor. I’m one of their regular donors and I hope you’ll consider making a donation, as well. (Your donated blood stays in the region making it more available and more affordable for those in need.)  And it just seems to be a good fit for a community centered market. We believe in caring for our neighbors and reaching out a hand (or arm!?) to those in need.

If you’ve never donated blood I can assure you it’s mostly painless. And, it’s rewarding, knowing that you can make a difference in someone’s life with such a small gesture. If the sight of a needle bothers you, as it does me, close your eyes or turn your head. It’s about a 20-30 minute time commitment, you get pampered and entertained by Lora and her great group of skilled professionals and someone gets a bit of life. Good deal, huh? Oh, almost forgot, snacks and juice afterwards.

Now on to the vendors…

Gypsy Jingles joined us last week as a new vendor. They’ll be back this week and every week for the remainder of the summer. Please stop by and say, “Hi” to Jenna and Tami, then give them a big welcome and check out their wares. Their booth is a visual feast, full of colors, patterns, and textures, lots of jewelry, scarves, and other items, all unique and handcrafted.

The Market Café is off this week. Papa V’s will be out with the hot cart serving up some great grub for your dining pleasure. They’ll have a BBQ’d pulled pork sandwich and a roasted veggie wrap, each at $5.00. They’ll also have assorted beverages to wash it all down. Stop by and let them do the hard work. Like I always say, “It is Friday, let someone else do the cooking.”

Both Glenfiddich and Hillstone will be back at their booths this week. Shannon at Glenfiddich with her great salsas, breads, cookies and other baked treats, Todd at Hillstone with his great line of quality beef cuts and other items. We are so happy to have them both back this week!

We’re hoping to see Lee’s Bees back with their honey and honey related products this week. He wasn’t at the market last week because of bear trouble with some of his hives; they created a shortage of honey for Lee. Let’s hope the bears have beat it and that the bees have been as busy as a bee can be so Lees Bees can be at the market this week.

Always Somethin’ will have their assortment of goat milk products, creams, and soaps.

I’m not certain at this point what type of produce they’ll have but I assume they’ll have more garlic scapes for a crazy low price, as they did last week. If you love the taste of fresh garlic, garlic pesto or other fresh garlic dishes, do yourself a favor and try some out. They’re much tastier than the garlic scallions that were around a few weeks ago. And, as always, what type of animal(s) will Hillary be bringing this week? It’s always fun to find out. Ask Mike about ordering some of his meat birds while you’re visiting.

Donna, AKA, Basically Bagels, will be in her usual location with her great assortment of bagels, cookies, breads and other assorted goods. I was dragging a bit about half way thru the market last week, had one of her brownies, ZAP, good stuff. It’ll do ya right.

We hope to see Bernie from Inn To The Seasons with his great assortment of meat products and baked goods back at his spot by the street this week; he’s scheduled to appear.

Diane and Phil at The Herb Corner will be featuring Stevia plants this week. They’re ready to be planted in the ground which implies to me this must mean outside. Stevia is the healthy alternative to sugar and other sweeteners. I’m not sure how you would utilize the plant, I only knew of the powdered form. Diane will be able to steer us in the right direction. It is always fun to learn new things. They’ll also have cut herbs for marinades, salad dressing, or your favorite dish. You’ll also notice hanging baskets and their produce. While you visit and ask Diane about how to use Stevia, check out her cut flowers. She has been known to make a bouquet or two in her day.

Andy at Spring Meadows will be featuring lots of spring greens, kale, chard, spinach green onions, lovage and other herbs. He’ll also have garlic scapes, pastured soy free eggs and some zucchini on hand. May I suggest getting on his mailing list? It is a great source of information on his animal powered operation. The newsletter often highlights his available produce, educational programming, and other ways to get involved and/or eat amazing food. Ask him to sign you up, learn.

Yorkshire Meadows will be there and I hope Linda will be back with Liz this week to help out. They’ll have their English style jellies, jams, scones, beautiful scarves, artwork and more. Consider their delicious lime or lemon curd and ginger snap cookies served with some homemade vanilla ice cream from New Horizons, a dream come true for any child, young or old. And if you’re interested in wool in any form, from the back of the sheep to the finished product, Liz is the person to see. Stop by and pay them a visit.

Udder Merry Mac will be bringing great lettuces, English style cukes, and green onions, all grown by hydroponics. Stop in early if you want to be sure you get some of their great lettuce, they often run out before the end of the day.

New Horizon Creamery will be back at their usual spot this week, stop in and pay them a visit, sample some of their wares and become a fan of their wonderful homemade ice cream, cheeses and curds. Check out their many ice cream flavors; I’m still working on trying them all and I still gotta ways to go. Haven’t found one that I don’t like but two of my favorites so far are mango and blackberry, especially the mango, yum.

Finally, Running Bear will have their usual assorted small animal products, lambs cuts, sausages, turkey and chicken parts, all grown without chemicals and certainly growth hormone free. Cliff will also be having a wide assortment of produce, as usual. Spring greens of all sorts, beets, carrots, Napa cabbage, boc choi, kale, cauliflower, Swiss chard, cukes, radishes, yellow and green summer squash, and a little more. Ask Cliff about his pre-ordered meat birds, ready at a later date. Think about turkeys and Thanksgiving or Christmas, or even lamb for Easter. Never too early to plan a good meal!

So, with all that to look forward to, why not stop and see us this Friday at the Market located on Rt.6 (Wellsboro Street) one block east of Main Street at the St. James Episcopale Church, (look for the big red doors!) Mansfield , PA on Friday, 3-6:00 P.M.

And, please, remember, we all need both food and blood to survive, here’s your chance to something about both, one stop shopping, as it were.

Hope to see ya at the Market!



MGM Manager

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