It’s going to a beautiful day!

Hey folks!

Looks like great weather for the MGM this Friday! It’s about time after a few weeks of the shivers. So, stop on by because there will lots to enjoy.

To begin, Bill, John, and Ross from the group Folkspirit will be playing for your musical enjoyment. If you’ve not caught their act in the past, do yourselves a favor –stop by and give a listen. Lots of wonderful, witty, and thoughtful original songs will be heard. Their covers of some of the classical standbys are a treat as well.

We’ll also be having a petting zoo, of sorts. What it actually will be is an adoption booth hosted by the Animal Care Sanctuary folks from Wellsboro. They will be on hand with an assortment of small pets and their handlers. These pets will be available for adoption. If you want to make the world a better place for a small animal and improve you own world/home, here’s you chance. It’s a proven fact that pet owners usually live longer, have lower blood pressure and are overall healthier and have a happier disposition. Tired of coming home to an empty house? Have a friend greet you every day. Having trouble getting motivated to take those daily walks or hikes? Get a dog, problem solved. It’s a win-win situation. Come on by, snuggle, and fall in love.

Liz will be at the Yorkshire Meadows booth with her usual goodies. English style jams and jellies, scones, and other tasty morsels. She’ll also have her beautiful designer scarves, some local artwork and other items. And if you’ve never had her shortbread cookies dipped in lime curd—you’re missing out!

The Herb Corner folks will be bringing lavender to market, it’s in full bloom and they’ll be cutting stems for you to take home and make sachets. Diane informs me that lavender has culinary uses as well—think blueberry and lavender pie, or lavender lemonade! They’ll also have fresh cut flowers, herb plants, and hanging baskets. Summer is only a few days away. Beautify your front porches while you feed the bees and the hummingbirds. Feed yourselves by grabbing some of their nice onions, fresh greens and, hopefully, summer squash.

Running Bear will have a variety of lamb products, as well as turkey breast cutlets, wings, and legs. On the veggie side: boc choi, cilantro, sage, green onions, Napa cabbage, kale, cauliflower, romanesco cauliflower, swiss chard, beets, carrots and last but certainly not least, shell peas and a few strawberries. Sounds like a great stir fry is in our future!

Running Bear is also in the process taking orders for birds in the fall. If you’re interested in quality meat birds, I suggest getting on their list as ASAP as it fills up quickly.

Spring Meadows will be bringing kale, chard, spring mix, spinach, watercress, lovage and other herbs. Andy will also have his soy free pastured eggs as well. His new item of the week will be garlic scapes. If you’re not familiar with them ask Andy, he’ll educate you. They’ll make some of the best pesto you’ll ever eat. A few scapes, hard cheese, roasted almonds, olive oil, a little basil, salt, etc, put on top of hot pasta with a great green salad on the side, a loaf of good bread, yum. It’s all available from the market this week, take it home and have fun.

You’ll find all the maple products you want at Between Two Rivers. Stop by and say hello to Jeff and Sally. Sprinkle some of that maple sugar on your cereal in the morning for that extra boost!

You’ll also find some tasty treats at Basically Bagels, lots of wonderful baked goods for you dining pleasure. For dairy, go visit the gang at New Horizons Creamery for some great cheeses, curds and delicious ice cream. It’s the real stuff, folks, try it out.

As usual, Always Somethin’ will have their goat milk products and other products. I haven’t received any info from them as I write this so I‘ll be as surprised as you to find out what they’ll have but I do know they Always have Somethin’.

Utter Merry Mac will be one of the booths you’ll be able to go to for those salad makings, great lettuce and English style cukes.

Pure Hart will have their booth up and going this week with a variety of goat milk lotions and cream. They’ll have other products as well. Stop by and check them out.

We’ve received a couple of cancellations this week. Unfortunately, Hillstone and Glenfiddish will not be at the market. We hope to see them again next week.

So after all that shopping and having fun you might want to stop by the Friday Market Café for a snack or a full dinner. It’s Friday—who wants to cook?


Hope to see you at the Market,



Friday, 3-6:00.

St. James Episcopal Church,

Rte 6, Wellsboro St., Mansfield, Pa.


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