Strawberries, Rhubarb, and Asparagus June 14

Now that produce is really coming in it’s time to learn or refresh your preserving skills. I already have more greens than I can eat each week, but I know come winter I’ll be craving them. Luckily this week the experts will be here to help us.canner dial gauge

Penn State Extension nutrition and food safety educator, Cathy Guffey, and Tioga County Master Food Preserver Volunteer, Kim Furry, will answer questions on home food preservation.  Free canning, freezing, and drying information will be available.  Tioga County residents need to adjust for altitude when canning.  Tomato products need to be acidified to help ensure a safe product. Learn how to do both of these.

Pressure canner dial gauges will be tested for accuracy free of charge.  This should be done yearly.  Bring just the dial gauge, not the whole canner.  Also, the USDA’s Complete Guide to Home Canning and the University of Georgia’s So Easy to Preserve books will be available for sale.  Cost is $15 each.

Ada will be back with more strawberries and asparagus. She’ll also have her wonderful assortment of baked goods.straw-rhubarb

Shannon at Glenfiddich Baked Goods is bringing rhubarb as requested. She’ll also have amazing strawberry cupcakes, but may not have sourdough due to the storms.  Also look for strawberry mini tarts with chantilly cream and the other usual items, fantastic oatmeal bread, triple choc chip cookies, and cinnamon rolls. You can also find salsa to spice up your summer.

At Spring Meadows you’ll find kale, chard, spring mix, spinach, watercress, and lovage, as well as Andy’s soy-free eggs. It may be the last week for watercress depending on the weather. If you are looking for new ways to serve the greens, here are a couple recipes to try: oven-roasted kale , chard with lemon and parmesan, and sautéed radishes and watercress.

Running Bear Farm will have kohlrabi, cauliflower, broccoli, green onions, Napa cabbage, pak choi, gold beets, red beets, and cilantro, as well as their lamb and poultry. For beef and pork be sure to visit Hillstone Farm and Inn to the Seasons.

This is going to be mint week for The Herb Corner. They’ll have 4 varieties of mint: chocolate, orange, peppermint and spearmint and will be offering a special on mint plants.  They’ll also have fresh cut mint for sale, fresh pulled spring onions, & bagged greens, along with the usual assortment of fresh cut herbs. There are still lots of herb plants and hanging baskets.  Weather dependent, they might also have fresh cut flowers. Go ahead and buy Dad a bouquet!

Yorkshire Meadows will be introducing pear ginger butter this week, which is wonderful on ginger scones and also a new batch of orange curd. Don’t forget to top your hot dogs (from Hillstone Farm) with some of Liz’s homemade Sauerkraut. Check to see if Donna at Basically Bagels has any of her homemade rolls to make the whole meal a local delight. If you’d like to share some goodies with a friend stop at the Yorkshire Meadows booth and see the “Tea for Two” gift ideas. How about choosing a color for a wool sweater to keep you warm this winter. Place your order now for September pick up.

All this and more—dinner at the Market Café, soaps, cheese, ice cream, manicotti, maple syrup—this Friday 3-6pm at St. James Episcopal Church on Rt. 6 one block east of Main Street.

See you there!


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