June 7 Market News—Strawberries!

We hope this week at the Market will be as busy as the last and the vendors do as well church strawberriesbecause that tells us something good is going on. You, as consumers, are willing to do your part in supporting a local green economy while eating healthier, greeting your neighbors, making friends and building a stronger grassroots community. We all thank you for that.

A note on parking—if anyone parks in the Presbyterian Church lot across Rt. 6, please leave the spaces closest to the Barbershop for his customers. Thanks!

We would like to welcome an old vendor back to the Market this week. Ada from Double AA Farm will be back after a few years of being away from MGM. Some of you may remember her for her un-sprayed strawberries, asparagus, and wonderful Amish baked goods. She will have all of these items at the market this week. Her baked goods will include sticky buns, cinnamon and rhubarb rolls, garlic herb bread, whoopee pies, oatmeal raisin and monster cookies. Show up and welcome her back. She won’t be here often so get ‘em while you can!

Herb Corner will be in their usual spot, most of you know it by now.  Something new this week, fresh cut herbs. If you need a small amount of herbs for that special recipe or marinade and you’re still waiting for yours to grow up, stop by and see Diane. If you haven’t planted those herbs you need and always want, why not? It’s easy, doesn’t require a lot of space, and it’s fun. Diane will be glad to advise you in the process. They’ll be bringing fresh picked bunching onions and some baby zukes, if the weather cooperates. As always they’ll have their great herb starter plants, hanging baskets and a small assortment of starter veggie plants for those of you who have been putting it off or need a few replacements for you garden because of various reasons, such as, rabbits, frost, the neighbor’s dog, etc. They may just have what you’re looking for.

Yorkshire Meadows (not Yorkshire Valley, not Yorkshire Farm, yep, it’s Yorkshire Meadows folks) will have their wonderful assortment of jellies and jams, local art work and beautiful handmade scarves on hand. Speak to Liz about some of her spinning classes. If you like good English style jellies, jams, baked goods, and wool stop by and give her a visit.

Merry Mac will be back this week with more (hopefully lots more) of his wonderful hydroponics lettuce. It must be good stuff; to all of our amazement he sold out by 4:03 pm last week. Sorry if you missed him, but here’s another chance.

Darlene at Cardinal Inn may not be able to make it to the market this week. That could change. If you need to pick something up from her you can do so by picking it up at the B&B.

Shannon will be at the Glenfiddich booth as usual with her fine array of baked goods, soup, and salsas. Stop and pick up some of her wonderful breads for your family.

Running Bear will have a great selection of greens including bok choy, Napa cabbages, and other Asian greens. Cliff will also have his usual cuts of meat and sausages. If you’re in the market for a sheepskin he’s the man to see. He might also have strawberries as well. If you’re ever in the West Burlington area stop at their farm stand and check out their operation. I did last weekend. It’s quite impressive and inspiring.

Pure Hart will be back with all of their wonderful soaps and lotions again. Between Two Rivers will have all kinds of maple products for your sweet tooth. Stop at Basically Bagels and check out their dirty hippy bagel and other great baked goods. Don’t forget to see Hillstone Farm for your quality beef cuts and say “hi” to the Chesters at Always Somethin’ Farm with their asparagus, garlic scallions, goat milk soaps and creams and maybe even a surprise pet or two. You never can tell with those Chester folks.

Spring Meadows still has some watercress left, it could be the last of the season so if you want some, hurry on down. Andy will also have his usual kale, chard and pastured soy free eggs. Remember, if you want to get on his list for grass-fed beef he still has a bit of room on his waiting list.

We hope to see New Horizons Creamery back this week. Karl had something come up at the last moment last week and couldn’t make it to market. He was sorely missed, the hottest day of the year and NO ice-cream to be had. This was after he had suffered with the rest of us the week before in terribly cold, wet weather trying to sell his products. Let’s all hope that type of weather is a thing of the past for a while, that Karl makes it to market this week and we ALL get to eat ice cream. It’s Friday, we deserve it.

The Market Café will be back this week. I don’t have their menu yet but I’ll bet that it’s all good, as usual and I hope my friends driving over from the Towanda area check it out and enjoy it. I also hope the weather is cooperative this week so that we can have outside dining while watching our musical presentation, Drowsy Maggie, a newcomer to the market. We’re all excited to see the performance.

We hope you can make it to the Market again this week and show your pride in making this you place to be on Friday afternoons, 3-6 pm, at St. James Church one block east of Main Street.

Thanks for you support,


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