May 31 Market News

Lee's Bees is back this week!

Lee’s Bees is back this week!

From the 40’s last week to the 90’s this week, quite the switch but hey, we can take it. We proved that by surviving last week. A big thank you to all of the vendors, volunteers, and visitors that made it work.

Come on down to the market this week and chill with us in a different way. Lots of produce and meats will be available for fresh salads, grilling, and quick stir fries so you won’t have to spend lots of time in a hot kitchen this weekend. Why not spend time outside instead?

Speaking of kitchens, the chefs at the Market Café will be taking the week off. We’ll have Yorkhollow on the hot cart this week instead with a veggie wrap w/ spinach, roasted red peppers, feta, capers & our Raspberry Wit vinaigrette. Also a pulled chicken barbecue sandwich (the chicken is from Running Bear Farms). Both served w/ their house-made chips. They will also have lemonade, iced tea & homemade birch soda.

And check out the great sounds from Acoustic Pawnshop while you eat you grub from Yorkhollow, baked goods from various vendors, FREE coffee supplied by Night and Day followed by some of the best ice cream around from New Horizon Creamery. Great cheeses as well.

Also, let’s give a big welcome back to Lee’s Bees. They’ll have a wide selection of honey and honey products. Bread, cookies, popcorn, and honey stix, all made with nature’s best sweetener. Check out their Italian sodas, lotion bars and home sewn shopping/clothespin bags.

As always, all of our regular folks will be on hand with lots of goodies and some surprises.

Yorkshire Farms will have a great stock of strawberry, rhubarb or peach jams and those wonderful Rhubarb bars. If you have an abundance of rhubarb and don’t have the time or knowledge to process it Liz would be glad to help you turn it into something yummy. Speak to her about her custom baking or jam service, 570-549-2553 or see her at the market. Check out her art work and designer scarves while you’re there.

Herb Corner will be featuring their portulaca hanging basket, also know as moss roses. These flowers are a trailing succulent so they are a bit sun and drought tolerant. They’re beautiful cactus like flowers of many pastel shades.  They will also have a biblical herb, Hyssop; it’s a perennial that grows into a 3 foot high bushy plant over time, if you treat it well. It has small purple/blue flowers. You’ll also want to check out their hanging herb baskets, a small herb garden on a hook, what could be better? If you still need veggie starter plants, they still have some.

Running Bear will have their assortment of small animal meat cuts and sausages. Cliff will also have a great selection of turnips, brocci-rabe, Napa cabbage, spinach and a variety of Asian greens. Think stir-fry. Strawberries SOON, stay tuned!

For those larger animal meat cuts try Hillstone with their great selection of products for the grill. This will be a great weekend to cook outside.

Glennfiddich will have lots of good eats; Shannon does some of the cooking so you won’t have to. Check out her great selection of baked goods, salsas, soups and more.

Spring Meadows will have kale and chard again this week in addition to lovage, watercress, and other herbs. Andy will also have pastured raised soy free eggs.

Always Somethin’ will have asparagus again this week so if you haven’t had any this season, or you haven’t had your fill, this could be the last of it. They’ll have garlic scallions, goat milk soap and creams as well.

Check out Between Two Rivers for all your maple products needs. Basically Bagels for your bagels and other baked goods and Merry Mac for your great hydroponics lettuce.

What a great way to start the weekend.

Hope to see you there, 3-6 pm at St. James Church, one block east of Main Street. I can guarantee the weather WILL be a bit warmer than last week!


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