May 24 Market News

asparagus2.jpgWhile the weather may be a bit iffy this Friday the number of vendors, the quantity and quality of their products certainly won’t be. But hey, it’s not always about the weather. We’ll be there in full force and hope to see you there as well, if not you stand to miss the following:

Pure Hart Soaps are back! Come see what Heidi has to offer this season.

As always, there will be a wide variety of products available. Running Bear will have lamb, turkey, and rabbit, lots of spring greens, and maybe even a surprise or two. Don’t forget to speak to Cliff about getting on his waiting list for their great tasting birds. Hillstone Farms with quality meat products, Glenffidich with lots of baked goodies including red velvet and s’mores cupcakes, salsas and soups. Basically Bagels with their infamous “Hippy” bagel, and New Horizon Creamery with their great chesses and to die for ice cream. I dare you to try a bite and not buy some.

Running low on your maple syrup stash? No problem, stop and talk to Jeff at Between Two Rivers and pick up a gallon, it stores great in the freezer.

Make sure you stop to see Liz and Linda at Spring Meadows for some great knitted products as well as some of Liz’s yummy English style jams, jellies, and maybe even some of her wonderful sauerkraut.

The Herb Corner will have their tomatoes in-a-bag available, two “Red Robins” in a biodegradable bag, the perfect item for those who might want to grow their own but don’t have to space, desire, or time to have a garden. Hang it up on your railing, put it on your deck, wherever. Give it a little water and feed it on occasion and surprise yourself with great fruits later this summer. It would also be a great gift for someone in your life that may not be able to garden for various reasons. They will also be featuring their Torenia mixed basket, full of tubular flowers with a mix of lavenders and orchid colors. This basket will do well in full or partial sun, hang it next to your Red Robins in a bag and you’re good to go! They will, of course, have their great selections of herbs, other hanging baskets, and annual flowers. And lastly, don’t forget, it’s definitely time to get serious about that summer garden that your wanted to start for how long now? Speak to Diane for some planting and growing tips and pick up some of the best, healthiest starter plants that I know of (and I’ve been gardening many years). These plants have been started and grown with TLC. They’re NOT your big box store variety. Diane will be glad to take your order for next week. If you choose to plant this weekend, check the weather, there’s frost predicted. It NEVER pays to rush planting your summer veggies, trust me on this one.

Cardinal Inn will be back this week with lots of baked goods, specialty breads like focacchia, sesame French bread and seedy rye. They’ll also have cakes and cookies with a patriotic theme for the holiday. If you need any type of baked goods for an event they’d love to take your order, 570-549-2295.

Stop by Always Somethin’ and see what’s going on. I know they’ll have loads of fresh asparagus; this is the real thing, not the puny stuff you pick up at the store. They’ll also have garlic scallions, and a variety of goat milk soaps and creams. And, they might even have the goat on hand; you never can tell what you might find at Always Somethin’.

Spring Valley will be bringing, (ready for this?), kale and chard this week in addition to lovage, watercress, and assorted herbs. Andy will, as always, have some pasture raised, soy free eggs on hand, and don’t forget, there’s still some space on his waiting list for grass fed beef.

Stop in at the Friday Market Café for some great food, prepared by the chefs of the “International Dinner Series” fame.  In addition to their regular menu they’ll be featuring lamb stuffed pitas and cream of asparagus soup. Place you order inside the parish hall. Seating will be available in and out of doors as weather permits. You can also place an order to go by calling 570-662-2003. Either way, you’ll be getting great food and also be supporting your local growers in the process; the Café uses locally grown products when available. It’s a win/win for us all.

There’s always the chance there may be something new from someone’s farm this week. It’s that time of the year when you never can tell what might be on hand. Come on down and check it out, see if there’s something that might entice your taste buds or your cooking skills.

Hope to see you there, Friday 3-6 PM at St. James Episcopal Church.


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