Oct. 26 Market News

Greetings Market Customers,

The weather was lovely for our outdoor market last week and we’d like to thank those who came out. This week we are back inside. It’s a very cheery atmosphere in the church hall and we have quite a few vendors still involved.

Come on by and sample some of Kathi Pratts items. She has BBQ sauces and herb medleys to mix with butter. Delicious!!

Last week I tried Bernard’s fudge for the first time. Totally decadent! Definitely a must for the chocolate lovers.

Darlene will have her dill casserole bread and it’s the last of the season, so don’t miss out.

Stop and see Andy from Spring Meadows for beets, carrots and winter squash.

The Keeney’s will have squash, gourds and some pumpkins.

If you’ve never tasted Liz’s lemon or lime curd stop by the lobby for a sample.

Herb Corner, Running Bear Farm and Glenfiddich Farm will be there also.

See you around 3:30!!

Liz McLelland

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