Oct. 19 Market Will Be Outside

We will be outside this week as the church will be preparing the hall to host a Greek Dinner on Saturday evening.

It might me cccccold but we don’t mind brrrraving the elements to brrrring you frrrresh food.

Maybe you’ll find chhhhhili peppers or fresh brrrrread.

How about some homemade soap for a hot bath on a cold night?

What about making some pumpkin pie or squash soup to warm you through? We’ve got the fixings for you.

It’s a good time to try some new recipies and you’ll find wonderful fresh herbs and vegetables for soups and salads.

Check out the hand knitted sweaters, hats, socks and mittens and even sign up for a class to learn to knit or spin.

Try some oatmeal pecan cookies, biscotti, shortbread cookies and a variety of breads, sweet rolls or muffins at different booths through the Market.

Don’t forget lamb, rabbit, chicken and sausage.

There are many things offered at the Market, so stop on by and check us out.  Get there early in case we blow away. Ha Ha

Liz Mclelland

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