Oct. 12 Market News

This Week–A free recycled cotton Mansfield Growers Market tote to each household! See Liz at the door! (While supplies last.)

And now Liz, in a Julie Andrews frame of mind, has your market news. . .

Sing this to the tune of
“My Favorite Things”
Pumpkins and garlic and fresh herbs and spinach.
Barbeque sauce and baked goods from Glenfiddich
Bright scarves and sweaters and wool that Liz brings,
These are a few of our favorite things.

When the leaves change when the cold comes
When you want fresh food
Just think of my friends at the Market each week
We’re sure that you’ll feel so good

Bagels all flavors, beets, kale , leeks and tomatoes.
Sausage and lamb and maybe potatoes.
Lemon or Lime Curd to spread on your scones
Bright colored Mums to perk up your homes.

When the wind blows, when the rain falls
Don’t despair at all
We’ve moved on inside where it’s toasty and warm.
Right in St. James Parish Hall

We’ll have eggplant and honey and soap for your hands
Carrots and squash, herb mixes and jams
5:30 is when we start packing to go
Write the time on your fridge so you’ll always know

So come join us at 3:30
Cos we like you all
We are here to serve you and bring you good food
During Spring, Summer and the Fall

Written by Liz Mclelland

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