August 17 Market News

Mid-August already—where did the summer go? Well, our farmers put all that sun to good use and the results will be on display again Friday. Last week both Keeney Farm and Hillstone Farm had fresh corn—something late summer dinners in Tioga County shouldn’t be without. And why not set the table with a vase of cut flowers from the Herb Corner?

Normally about now Gardiner’s Orchard is selling peaches, but as you probably know most of the PA orchards got wiped out by the early bloom and then April freeze. We wish them well in this hard year, and hope that next year the weather and crop will make up for it.

This is the time to be planning ahead for the long winter. Many of our vendors are offering bulk discounts on produce that can be frozen, canned, or stored in a cold closet or garage (if you don’t have a root cellar). Rodales and Ball both have great guides to preserving food, and nowadays you can even find hot-to videos online. Of course, the first step is to ask the farmers for their suggestions. That’s one of the benefits of shopping local!

Another local benefit we enjoy is the Mansfield Library. Representatives will be at the market this week selling tickets to their big yearly fundraiser at the Wren’s Nest. Since you’re on this mailing list I know you like good food and supporting the community, and this is a chance to help them pay their heat and electricity costs.

Cardinal Inn will have raw honey this week, along with chemical free veggies, cut herbs, and jewelry. Liz at Yorkshire Meadows will have some tangy lime and lemon curds (an other-worldly spread for breads and desserts) as well as jams—wild blackberry, strawberry-rhubarb, and peach.

Houston Baker will be performing live. The hot cart will be run by Yorkholo this week. Our gracious thanks for taking over at the last minute when Glenfiddich couldn’t. Kathleen will be back with lamb moussaka in September, though, don’t worry! I will post Yorkholo’s menu on Facebook if I get it in advance.

As for produce, our many wonderful producers will have a variety of offerings: eggplant, garlic, tomatoes, leeks, beans (green, string, and Italian flat), zucchini, yellow squash, green peppers, chard, shallots, celery, hot peppers, sweet onions, yellow onions, okra, beets, carrots, peas, potatoes, savory salad, spinach, spring mix, lettuce, corn, cucumbers, and more.

So, as the summer winds down, celebrate the bounty with us Friday, 3-6 pm, on the grounds of St. James Church. Rain or shine, I’ll see you there for fresh food—grown by your friends!


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