July 27 Market Day

Hi again,

Another great market day is coming up. This is turning out to be a great season for everything except the fruits whose blossoms got savagely nipped by April’s cold weather. I tell myself to remember this and not take local fruits like apples and peaches for granted next year.

We have black and blueberries, however, and lots of produce. I’m not going to list it all—just check last week’s post for a refresher. I do want to welcome Keeney Farm who will join us this week! They will have eggplant and patty pan squash, among other things. Remember, tomatoes are here—some for slicing and some sweet cherry ones to pop in your mouth.

Lee’s Bees will be back, and Tom Oswald will once again serenade us with acoustic vocals and guitar. Yorkholo will be on the Hot Cart, so you know it’s going to be good. Be sure to check out Diane’s weekly garden tip on our Facebook page, where updates get posted right up to (and sometimes during) the market!

Stock up on your breads, bagels, desserts, jams, honey, meats, dairy, soap, lotion, and crafts. We’re on the grounds of St. James Church every Friday, 3-6 pm May through September  (maybe longer—more on that soon). And thanks for shopping at your truly local grocery where you get fresh food—grown by your friends.


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