July 13 Market News—Dr. Seuss Style

Consider this fair warning. I get a little giddy when the produce starts coming in like it is now. Tonight I was wondering what Dr. Seuss would have written if he’d done a book called Oh, the Foods that You’ll Eat! Maybe it’d have looked something like this:

Welcome, it’s Friday! This is your Market,
It’s here just for you, so come and explore it!
There are beans and cucumbers, squash, lettuce, and chard,
Carrots, peppers, and onions grown in a friend’s yard.
It’s up to you, and you know what to do.
YOU are the person in charge of your food.
You’ll look up and down tables under tents on the green,
And someone will say, “Here’s a veg I’ve not seen.”
That’s when the farmer will help (they’re not snobby)
By explaining the ways you can cook a kohlrabi.
You may not want to try it, that’s fine there are other
Veggies you’ll like, surprising even your mother.
And there’s more than just veggies for someone like you,
Yes there’s meats, herbs, and crafts to please the whole crew.
And if you’re too tired to go home and cook,
We’ve got you covered. Just come take a look!
There’s so much to see, even art for the kids.
So come down and visit—you’ll be glad that you did.
We weren’t always here, but we’re glad we’re here now.
We’re here just for you with our plants, breads, and cows.
So be your choice honey or syrup or dairy,
Come down to St. James 3-6 every Friday!

did warn you. Seriously, I know it’s hot but the plants seem to be loving it. This week we’ll have blueberries, beets, carrots, garlic, green beans, kale, hot and sweet peppers, sweet onions, spinach, chard, lettuce, yellow and green summer squash, cucumbers, herbs (especially dill), leeks, celery, fennel, turnips, shallots, and green cabbage. And probably more, because farmers hate to commit to something if they’re not positive it will be ready. So there are always surprises.

As usual we’ll have an array of meats, baked goods, goat milk soap, and crafts. Liz at Yorkshire Farms has been baking and jamming with blueberries. Lee’s Bees won’t be back for three weeks, but Starbright Farm has maple syrup for sale, which will keep you sweet in the meantime. Gaia Gardens has some hypertufa pots planted up with beautiful succulents from Kim’s gardens. She’ll also have a couple terrariums for sale and maybe new barrette designs for the little ones (and those young at heart).  Art@theMarket is there this week, with craft activities to occupy the kids. Also, Folk Spirits will be spinning tunes and yarns to make you smile. And don’t forget you can keep your kitchen cool by grabbing dinner from the Hot Cart. Check our Facebook Page where we’ll post the menu when we know it.

So come on down Friday to grab a lemonade, root beer, smoothie, or chocolate milk to keep you cool as you shop and tap your toes under the music tent. Chip, the goat, will be there tapping too. Heck, we’ll all be there, rain or shine. Come enjoy fresh food–grown by your friends!

Lilace (will rhyme for food)

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