Summer Market!! June 22

Greetings Friends of the Mansfield Growers Market,

First off, Happy Summer!!! Now that the most joyous season is upon us, what can we expect from this weeks market? The answer: lots of the very best!

Have you been firing up the BBQ? If you answered yes, then restock on your favorite grass-fed cuts from Hillstone Farm. They have everything you need in the way of beef. They might even have hot dogs and sausage, but act fast… I have a feeling they are going to go quick! If you answered no to the above question, then what the heck are you thinking?! It’s summer! Get to it and pick up some of what you crave during these hot summer nights. You can also get  lamb, chicken, and rabbit (you heard me!) from Running Bear Farms.

But maybe you aren’t really into the “meat scene.” Not to worry, there are so many other options available to you. For instance, Spring Meadow Farms has Cilantro, Pea Shoots, Garlic Scapes, Green Onions, Savory Salad, Spinach, Spring Mix, and Swiss Chard… pretty much some great staples for other dishes or for a killer salad. And really, who wants to turn on a stove in this heat? Make it simple. Running Bear Farm will also have fresh produce such as carrots, celery, baby red beets, baby zucchini, salsify (which my dictionary tells me is an edible plant of the daisy variety), rainbow swiss chard, green onions, celeriac (a turnip-like root), and garlic scapes. Keep an eye out for more salad greens and other edible plants from Starbright Farm and Always Somethin’ Farm (also, stop by and see how Chip the Goat is doing! He is quickly becoming a market staple).

Glenfiddich Farm is on the hot cart this week. What will they be cooking? I don’t know, it’s a mystery. But you can bet your bottom dollar it will be tasty. Matt Noldy of Acoustic Pawn Shop will be providing our mood music, and there is no mystery there… it is going to be quality, as always.

Make sure to check out the artisans and see what new goodies they have crafted! Also, make sure to satisfy that sweet tooth with the cookies, cupcakes, scones, jams and fudges that are always available across the market! The Herb Corner will be cutting fresh mint for market this week, too! Oh goodie! Not only is it a great pair with lamb (think Running Bear Farm…) but it is a mood enhancer and so effervescent.

It’s summer and we always have so much fun, so come on out for fresh food—grown by your friends! Friday 3-6 pm on the grounds of St. James Church on Route 6 one block east of Main Street. Rain or shine!



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