Highlights for the June 15th Market!

Greetings Friends of the Mansfield Growers Market!

We are already halfway through June and our market is flourishing. From fresh, crisp produce to the wonderful treasures of our artisans, MGM is making this summer a dream!

Speaking of dream, Liz, from Yorkshire Meadows is bringing strawberry rhubarb pie, made with local ingredients. She will also have strawberry/rhubarb and triple berry jam… the perfect companion for those sinfully delicious scones and shortbread cookies. Liz is NOT joking around this week. She is bringing some serious goodies. While you are in the neighborhood, Diane, of The Herb Corner, will have fresh lavender as well as recipes for lavender lemonade and cookies! This paragraph is filled with so much sweetness I am literally crying tears of joy for this weeks market. Pure joy. Also, she will have plants!

St. James Church will be selling some ginger carrot soup this week, which sounds like a delicious dinner, along with some bread, courtesy of Glenfiddich Farm. Also, check out the red and green salsa at Glenfiddich. They both pair perfectly with eggs (available from several of our vendors). Fry that sucker up with a little salt and pepper, add salsa and you’ve got yourself a yummy breakfast (or lunch… or dinner).

Running Bear Farm will have carrots, celery, swiss chard, and green onions (along with lamb, chicken, rabbit, and homemade soup stock). Spring Meadow Farm will have garlic scapes, green onions, savory salad mix, spring salad mix, more swiss chard! When it comes to produce… we got you covered!

Art@theMarket will be joining in on the market fun this week with crafts and activities for the kids! Make sure to keep an eye out for our artisan tents (you can’t miss ’em!). From soaps, to home decor, to clothes and everything in between! There is lots to see and plenty to purchase. Support your local artists! Speaking of artists, this week we will be joined by Jakob’s Hollow. Enjoy the tunes as you shop and maybe take a little break by the music tent. It is conveniently located next to the Night and Day Cafe tent… so you can sneak a coffee or iced tea while you are there 🙂

We always have so much fun, so come on out for fresh food—grown by your friends! Friday 3-6 pm on the grounds of St. James Church on Route 6 one block east of Main Street. Rain or shine!


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